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Consider Kitchen sinks, please

8/17/2016 by Katherine

I love my Tubshroom. Is there any consideration being made to kitchen sinks stoppers? I hate those mesh filters that catch particles and just look messy in your sink. The stoppers that push into the drain to allow the sink to fill, are usually not effective. The water eventually drains slowly. Can you design a universal kitchen stopper and "gunk catcher" that is easy clean and neater to look at?


Pretty Good but if you have an older drain...

8/12/2016 by Robert

This is pretty good but I'm in an older apartment so my drain has a deeper drop; the first time I put it in it PLOPPED all the way down.
#FirstWorldProblem but I just have to adjust it up a bit from time to time.
Still, it's pretty great.


Great Product!

8/11/2016 by Carol

I love the Tubshroom. It does need to be cleaned out after every shower but that shows it catches all the hair. I had to dig out creepy hair and soap from the drain every couple of weeks but this produce save me that and expensive pluming visits. I am hoping one is available for kitchen sinks soon.



7/27/2016 by Jeffrey

No, not the play.... the TubShroom.

I purchased the green sonce there was no blue left...such is life...

THis product makes it a lot easier to remove hair from the tub drain, although I find I need to do it every week, instead of every month, the old way...

Easier .....Yes


Love this!

7/21/2016 by Jennifer

We love this! It catches so much hair, we do have to clean it out every other day but we will never have to worry about clogged or slow running drains again!


Cute little thing works great!

7/19/2016 by Elizabeth

I have an old claw-foot tub and the drain set-up necessitates a "hair catcher". I gone through quite a few and the thing I like about this one is that you don't need to clean it after every shower. I clean mine a couple times a week and I'm good-to-go. The only thing that I don't like about this Grommet is the price. The other hair catchers run around $2.99. But since it's so adorable I guess it's worth it! :)


The TubShroom works great!

7/16/2016 by Susan

I have a lot of trouble with hair clogging up my drain, and I can't use a lot of regular drain hair catchers because my drain has a metal rod coming up the middle that attaches to the tub stopper. Most other drain catchers fit down into the drain and don't work with this rod.
I ordered the TubShroom because it looked like it was hollow in the middle and so might work for me. It has worked wonderfully. It really catches the hair! I got one for both tubs in my house.
It sits up a little higher than I expected, but it still works great!


great product...

7/15/2016 by joe

have been using this for about a month now,and seems to be working great. very easy to clean.it would be nice if a smaller version were made for vanity sinks,my household could use them there too....


works well, but...

7/15/2016 by margaret

The TubShroom works well but given the configuration of my drain it won't lie flat.



7/14/2016 by JESSIE

We like this hair catcher. My husband and I both have long hair, and this really snares it before it clogs up the shower drain. One slight issue: it plugs very quickly and the water starts backing up in the tub, so we need to remove the hair after every other shower. I like the way it sits up an inch or so above the drain, not like others we've tried that sit flush to the tub and are very difficult to pry out for cleaning. We like the bright green color, too, so it won't get thrown away by mistake.

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The TubShroom Story

The only ‘shroom you want in your bathroom.

Clog-Free Drains

Hair left behind in the tub or circling the drain is an everyday nuisance, but TubShroom’s drain hair catcher has it covered. With this flexible silicone plug, you won’t be looking at wads of wet hair—or having chronically clogged pipes.

It fits into your drain, replacing the standard metal hair catcher or stopper in your tub or sink. Its spool-like shape snags hair around it, below the surface where you can’t see it, but before it reaches the pipes. Though the hair is captured, holes allow water to still flow. Pull the plug out and wipe off any hair with a tissue once or twice a week. Pop it
back in, and you’re good to go. The new Kitchen SinkShroom is a flexible, stainless steel kitchen sink strainer that doesn't slow the flow of water so now you can keep all drains clog-free from your bathroom to kitchen sink.

Take four humans and add two hairy pets—a German Shepherd and a shower-loving, super fluffy cat—and you’re prone to some serious clogs. This is what spurred Elena Karnegie and her husband Serge to create TubShroom. Nothing they tried could catch all of the hair in their household, so they created this little wonder-working plug.
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