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Great idea, gets kind of slimy and twisted.

7/25/2018 by Jody

This is effective at catching hair. It gets kind of slimy and sits higher than the original hardware. I have mixed feelings about it.


I know this will work with the right drain

3/9/2018 by Caitlin

It would be helpful to let people know that some drains have a x-bar only a few inches deep in the drain so this piece didn't fit all the way down, But I know not all shower drains are the same so I will hold onto it to see if it fits another one.


Need deep enough drain to work properly...

12/16/2017 by Jenni

We have a whirlpool type bathtub, but it still has the right size diameter drain size and stopper type. The tubshroom doesn't go deep enough into the drain area, however, and keeps the water from draining just like a horrible clog would (but is MUCH easier to unplug)! The clear bottom of the shroom gets plugged up instead of wrapped around the cylinder like it should. The sink one works excellent though so far! Just make you have clearance in your drain of over 1-2 cms I'd say!


It really works...with a caveat

8/11/2017 by Denise

It does catch straight or smooth, wavy hair, but it doesn't catch kinkier hair. So it partially works.


Works well, but REALLY slows water draining!

6/7/2017 by Patricia

I use it only intermittently now, because it SLOWS the water draining during my shower and my bathtub water stays ankle-deep, then takes forever to fully drain. That means the dirty soapy water coats the entire tub and leaves a film -- yet another clean-up task! Much easier to just let the water drain quickly and directly. I much prefer the filter that sits on top of the drain; easier to clean that kind. I WOULD NOT recommend this.


Gets hair but slows down drainage

5/10/2017 by Rabin'

From the first use, this guy really slowed down drainage during my shower. The tub had standing water about two-thirds of the way back during the whole shower. (That is not normal for my shower/tub.) Last night's shower was about three showers in, I hadn't cleaned the shroom yet, and the tub had about an inch of standing water the whole time.

So while it does trap hair, it forces you to stand in your dirty bath/shower water. I'll probably keep using it, because I have long hair and I HATE cleaning out my shower drains by hand. But wish it didn't slow down the drainage so much. And sitting at the one end of the tub, it is always out of the way, so I've yet to step on it or stub a toe.


It didn't fit my tub. Encouraged me to clean better,to get over my disgust for my own junk. Thanks for trying

5/3/2017 by Kristina

Didn't fit my tub



3/19/2017 by Michael

I needed something to keep my wife's hair from clogging the drain. It does work.


gotta have the right drain

11/1/2016 by Aimee

Our tub drain doesn't support this item.
We're still using it though. It only goes in a very small amount into the drain because of the style of drain we have. It does catch a lot of my daughter's hair.


Wrong Size

11/1/2016 by Angie

I was so excited to use the TubShroom in my bathroom sink to keep my hair from causing a clog, but it's too big for my drain. It fits perfectly in my guest bathtub, but I wanted to use it in my bathroom sink. Sometimes I just place it on top of my drain anyway, but remove it when I expect company.

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The TubShroom Story

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Elena Karnegie and her husband Serge were spurred to create TubShroom after one to many clogged drains. Take four humans and add two hairy pets—a German Shepherd and a shower-loving, super fluffy cat—and their house was prone to some serious clogs. Nothing they tried could catch all of the hair in their household, so they developed this easy-clean, catch-all plug. And the innovation didn't stop there. Elena and Serge wanted to help folks keep food and gunk out of their sinks drains as well, so they invented SinkShroom to help keep the water flowing all through the house.