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1/17/2019 by Christine

works as described


works great as a doggie chew toy

12/10/2018 by lori

This is really a great product. It lived up to its design and trapped my shoulder length hair before it went down the drain. Unfortunately my dog jumped into my tub and discovered this irresistible new chew toy and just destroyed it. Perhaps the top portion could be made of metal so a chew-happy canine wonʻt destroy it?


sinkshroom to the rescue!

8/2/2018 by Christine

Love it! Almost lost my ring in the drain. This has saved my sanity!


Hair catcher

6/2/2018 by Gary

If your tired of unclogging pipes due to hair this is the product for you. I have these in my bathroom and RV where they do a marvelous job of catching hair. The only problem I have experienced is my family doesn’t clean them as often as they should and my white ones have mold stains embedded in the rubber. So clean often and you will be satisfied.


love it

5/16/2018 by Lynne

this catches all the hair that was going down the sink. simple and efdective!


convenient for catching hair

1/21/2018 by patty

Seems to work well. Catches hair as described. Easy to remove to clean.


Mixed review

2/6/2020 by Jean M

Although the product does keep hair from going down the drain, it also blocks the water. During normal use you have to keep tapping or adjusting it so that the water will drain


Flimsier than expected

12/15/2019 by Lorrie

I have used the Tubshroom from the same company and loved it. The Sinkshroom looks like a solid bottom ring in the picture, but in reality the bottom ring is perforated into 8 or so pieces, which gives the feel of being flimsy. I am worried that a part will rip off more easily. The Tubshroom has a solid bottom ring.



2/24/2019 by Darrell



Effective hair catcher for sink

7/25/2018 by Jody

I bought 2 of these, one for sink, one for tub. They catch my long hair. They also get kinda slimy and they don’t sit as low as I’d hoped. Effective, not very aesthetically pleasing. Hold on to your original stoppers!

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The TubShroom Story

The only ‘shroom you want in your bathroom.

Tub & Sink Drain Protectors

Elena Karnegie and her husband Serge were spurred to create TubShroom after one to many clogged drains. Take four humans and add two hairy pets—a German Shepherd and a shower-loving, super fluffy cat—and their house was prone to some serious clogs. Nothing they tried could catch all of the hair in their household, so they developed this easy-clean, catch-all plug. And the innovation didn't stop there. Elena and Serge wanted to help folks keep food and gunk out of their sinks drains as well, so they invented SinkShroom to help keep the water flowing all through the house.