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Tavern Puzzles Sample

Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great Game

9/22/2014 by Charles

Everyone thinks it is easy and wants to try it. They are soon surprised how complex it is. What fun.


WOW top notch product

8/30/2014 by VICKIE

These puzzles are heavy and well made to last a family several lifetimes.These will be passed down to our children and grand children.We loved these and would recommend them to others highly.Way to go please keep the puzzles coming.We are going to buy them all.
Well worth the price.


Well Made Puzzle

8/2/2014 by Charles

Have always loved puzzles. This is the best made I have seen. Great to use. Complex and fun. Everyone who sees it thinks they can do it and wants to try it. Hours of fun.


Good Mind and Hand Bender

7/7/2014 by Jelcy

I bought all 5 for my husband. He got all but the hardest one done, and enjoyed every minute of working them. He did cave in to get the instructions for the hardest one.

We took them to the annual family reunion where there was someone working on one or the other the whole weekend

Thanx for providing such a great mind and hand bender.



6/13/2014 by LEE



I'm in faer

6/12/2014 by James

I started to write a review of your product which will remain nameless for fear of legal reprisals after reading your terms and conditions. I don't want to get sued or go to jail!!


Tavern puzzle

6/12/2014 by Faith

To be honest, this is a Father's Day gift for my husband, but with an entire family of males, I'm sure this will be the hit gift on Sunday! Very well made, heavy-weight & looks like a real stinker to solve - should keep all the guys busy for most of the day! Will definitely recommend as a gift for a man - or a woman, but I think the heavy weight is perfect for a man's gift. They're so hard to buy for anyway, this made it easy!


Brain teasers

4/13/2014 by Evan

Well made solid toys years of brain teasing fun


Big hit as gift

1/10/2014 by Winona

Oh my gosh, these were a huge hit with my techie daughter and son-in-law as a Christmas gift.
Items offered by Grommet are always first-quality and unique. Cannot find anything like this sort of item anywhere else.
Am committed to buying new product designers and American-made products.

I have not been disappointed by any purchase yet!!!!!


Great puzzles!

1/6/2014 by Susan

Loving it! Bought it for my brother who boasts his ability to do these type of puzzles easily. However, this one is much more of a challenge and I think he's actually enjoying it.

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The Tucker-Jones Story

Tucker Jones - Mechanical Puzzles

Intellectual Ironwork

It’s refreshing to pick up a hunk of metal that doesn’t come with a screen, batteries, or embedded processors. But it’s not always relaxing. In fact, Tavern Puzzles can be incredibly challenging as you try to solve these hands-on brainteasers. Oftentimes the solution is multi-step and requires perseverance, but satisfaction is sweet when you finally figure out the trick.

The creator of Tavern Puzzles is blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky, who was researching 18th and 19th century architectural hardware (his specialty) when he came across hand-forged artifacts made by blacksmiths to entertain folks at
the local taverns. He started making reproductions of some of the antique designs, as well as creating his own original designs. Today, Dennis runs Tucker-Jones House with his wife, Donna, and all of their Tavern Puzzles are handcrafted and individually assembled in East Setauket, N.Y.

The puzzles vary in complexity, ranging from the relatively straightforward Iron Heart to the incredibly complex, 43-step Patience Puzzle. None of the puzzles requires brute force, just a precise manipulation of the pieces. If you get stuck, you can request Tavern Puzzle solutions online—but we’re not giving up yet.
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