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Tavern Puzzles Sample

Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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Durable construction, hours of fun

1/2/2014 by Jessica

I was expecting a tiny metal puzzle but was pleasantly surprised when I unpacked this. It's heavy! There is no bending this, it's strong. We still haven't solved it, but it's kept everyone in the house busy for hours already. I am hoping to order other puzzles after we get this one solved. Wonderful purchase!



12/31/2013 by Sharon

I keep fun challenge games around for the children and grandchildren.


sure is difficult

12/13/2013 by Amanda

I got this for my husband for Christmas but I and a room full of kids (age 16 - 24) tried to figure it out with no luck. I can't wait to see my husband get stumped. He's always bragging that he just has the kind of mind that problem solves. I just know this little puzzle will live up to its reputation.


So cool.

11/23/2013 by Cindy

I bought 1 of these just to see what it was like and was really surprised by how interesting it is. It's good size, good quality and just genuinely intriguing. Plus, I like that there are different levels of difficulty to choose from. I'm buying more to give as gifts for Christmas. Awesome product and couldn't be happier with the purchase. Thanks.


Great Product!

11/17/2013 by Julie

Excellent product that will make the PERFECT gift!


Tucker - Jones tavern puzzles

9/30/2013 by Barbara

I bought this for son'a birthday. Everyone loved it! My son turned 25 and I still loved getting him some kind of novelty gift. Everyone wanted to try to take it apart and put it back together again. It was a hit! I will purchase the boxed sets for Christmas. Thank you


Nice gift~but challenging

2/3/2015 by paula

This was a gift. Though this was an enjoyable gift-my friend still has not figured out the puzzle. I wish directions were included on how to solve the puzzle.


good product

12/8/2013 by Gennie

looks like fun. glad it's made in the US. the website doesn't show the name of the item with its picture so you really can't tell which one you are buying til you get it.


bought as a gift

7/31/2018 by karen

Easier than stated. The recipient solved it in less than 5 minutes


No thanks.

1/6/2014 by Joy

Didn't like it. Not no much the complexity as the weight and noise. Threw it out the first weekend.

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The Tucker-Jones Story

Tucker Jones - Mechanical Puzzles

Intellectual Ironwork

It’s refreshing to pick up a hunk of metal that doesn’t come with a screen, batteries, or embedded processors. But it’s not always relaxing. In fact, Tavern Puzzles can be incredibly challenging as you try to solve these hands-on brainteasers. Oftentimes the solution is multi-step and requires perseverance, but satisfaction is sweet when you finally figure out the trick.

The creator of Tavern Puzzles is blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky, who was researching 18th and 19th century architectural hardware (his specialty) when he came across hand-forged artifacts made by blacksmiths to entertain folks at
the local taverns. He started making reproductions of some of the antique designs, as well as creating his own original designs. Today, Dennis runs Tucker-Jones House with his wife, Donna, and all of their Tavern Puzzles are handcrafted and individually assembled in East Setauket, N.Y.

The puzzles vary in complexity, ranging from the relatively straightforward Iron Heart to the incredibly complex, 43-step Patience Puzzle. None of the puzzles requires brute force, just a precise manipulation of the pieces. If you get stuck, you can request Tavern Puzzle solutions online—but we’re not giving up yet.
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