Klip Cable Protector - Set of 2 - Gray/Blue Case of 12

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Great little gaget

9/25/2015 by Shelly

What a great idea. They are perfect for any apple product it seems. It was a little difficult to attach, but it will protect the life of the cord immensely!


Great product

9/10/2015 by Sandra

These clips are easy to attach to the cords and support the cords perfectly. They also make it easier to find the cords. Please consider making a Klip protector for the earbud cord.
I would recommend these to any Apple user. We really like it.


Works well

5/15/2018 by Bailey

I would recommend this


difficult but effective

9/14/2017 by Sharon

The clip appears to be designed for a cord a bit smaller than the one I got it for, so it was a battle to get the clip on. But it's now on and has kept the cord from fraying more, so I'm happy with it.


I think this is going to help my charging cord!

7/8/2017 by Carol

These simple little clips seem to put the pressure on a different spot on the cord. Hopefully they will help preserve the cords!


Pleased with protection

5/8/2017 by Tammy

It's nice to finally have something that will protect or ensure the charging cord from fraying. It gives me the the little reassurance that all is well with my iPhone. Thank you for the peace of mind.


Great invention

5/3/2017 by Tammy

I purchased these a few months ago and so far I'm pretty sure it has and is saving my cords from a horrible painful death!
So far, so good! I'm pleased with my purchase and rave about them to anyone and everyone.


Jury's still out

3/11/2017 by Tammy

I got this for my iPhone 6s because we all know sooner or later the charging cable seems to fray and leaves you no other choice but to purchase another one. I figured I'd be ahead of the game!
The klips arrive closed and you need to open them to thread the cable through. Opening these klips (or at least mine) were a bit of a fight yet once it is around the cable it doesn't give me the impression or look that it is going to keep the cord from fraying at the ends. I hope I am wrong and I hope it keeps my cable just like new! So far, so good, so basically it's just a feeling, going by data, seems to be working and I've had it on for almost 3 months now.


Great idea

11/8/2016 by Susan

Has saved an electric cord from being thrown away.


Great little gadgets!

11/4/2016 by Deb

The Klip Canle protector REALLY does it's job! I have bought more than one charging cord from AAT& T (at $36 a pop for the 10 ft. cord) and eventually they break inside the wiring and stop working. I saw these Klips and decided it was an inexpensive investment to try them. They were a bit difficult to get on in just the right spot (that's why I didn't give 5 stars), but once I & my husband managed to get them on, I could tell they were going to work. The Klips fit very snugly on both ends of the charging wire, right at the spot where the wires fray inside. I believe my cord will stay unbroken permanately! So far, so good! It's been a month now! Thank you Grommet for a cool little invention!

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The Tudia Story

Long live the charging cable.

Stop Frays Before They Start

You probably know the frustration of a frayed charging cable. The wiggling and partial charges are enough to make anyone crazy. The Klip by Tudia protects your Apple charger from fraying with two simple little cages around the cord’s stress points.

The durable, silicone Klip slides easily onto the ends of your cable and snaps in place. It limits how much your cord can bend at the most stressful points, while still keeping it flexible. This reduces strain by up to 80% and increases the life of your charger.

The Klip comes in a variety of colors to help organize your cables or just make yours
easy to identify.

So keep those expensive cables in great shape, as long as possible, with the Klip.
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