Klip Cable Protector - Set of 2 - Gray/Blue Case of 12

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Great for phone/Not so much for computer

2/17/2016 by Catherine

Love these cable protectors...for phone charger cords Bought 5 pair for my granddaughter and me thinking I could use them for my computer as well. Suggest they make a size just a little larger to fit the computer cords. I managed to get these around my cords but the cord space was clearly meant for a smaller diameter cord [I have a MacBook Pro].



2/4/2016 by Gloria

Works well, and fits nicely on my iPad charging cord.


Tudia Cable Protector

1/2/2016 by Darlene

The cable protector does exactly what it advertised to do.
Love it!



12/31/2015 by TallPat

This was easy to install by clipping onto the cordl. If I ever get more, I like the idea of color-coding for quick ID, but I only have the iPad for now. Although I never pull out a plug by the cord, they seem to protect the part of the cable I was concerned about that might otherwise bend, weaken and ruin the cable. Real Apple cables don't come cheaply and as they say "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." (Do they still say that?) I wish such things were also available for every type of cord.



12/26/2015 by Matthew

So far so good with these protecting my cords.


Save me $$

12/24/2015 by Elizabeth

These are great. My Apple cable was starting to show some wear. These have saved me from the expense of replacing the cable.


Great Idea!

12/24/2015 by Marie

Extends the life of cables. Good gift.


Great Idea!

12/22/2015 by Marie

Adds extra life to your cables. Stops the wear and tear. Made a great gift!



12/18/2015 by Beth H.

These are super cool! I put one on the cord for my MAC Air and, I'm waiting for my IPad to arrive to put on the cord for it; however, I was really hoping to use one on the charging cord for my Android phone but, it doesn't seem to work on this type of cord.
Is there one that WILL work on cords other than Apple products?


Great idea

12/12/2015 by Gary

The Klip really works as advertised. Also is a great gift as we all have the same issues with fraying cords.

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The Tudia Story

Long live the charging cable.

Stop Frays Before They Start

You probably know the frustration of a frayed charging cable. The wiggling and partial charges are enough to make anyone crazy. The Klip by Tudia protects your Apple charger from fraying with two simple little cages around the cord’s stress points.

The durable, silicone Klip slides easily onto the ends of your cable and snaps in place. It limits how much your cord can bend at the most stressful points, while still keeping it flexible. This reduces strain by up to 80% and increases the life of your charger.

The Klip comes in a variety of colors to help organize your cables or just make yours
easy to identify.

So keep those expensive cables in great shape, as long as possible, with the Klip.
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