Klip Cable Protector - Set of 2 - Gray/Blue Case of 12

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Excellent product

12/10/2015 by Cynthia

I ordered this just in time as the cord to the iPad was bending too much and fraying. I ordered an extra set to give as stocking stuffers. So glad to order something I've never used and have it work like it should.


Very useful

12/5/2015 by Nancy

Does exactly what it says. Easy to put on and protects the cord.


Prevention is essential to Longevity

12/4/2015 by Gregory

The Klip Cable Protector is a prevention product with its simplicity works. My teenage daughter Sarah should be a product tester because she has managed to destroy or damage every electronic product (not intentionally) by shear hard use, carelessness and inattentiveness. After having replaced numerous charger chords we finally have one that still works because of the Klip Cable Connector. So I believe it can be said that this product has been field tested by Sarah who is more demanding than any testing laboratory and has "PASSED".



12/2/2015 by Maggie

I'm soooo glad I saw these on a post on Facebook! I ALWAYS have trouble with cords breaking and with these we can safely unplug our iphones or iPads. Both my husband and myself were able to put one on our bedside cord and our traveling cords. We only needed one for the phone end, so the pack of two was perfect! We recently purchased 2 more sets to give as stocking stuffers for our parents and siblings! Don't hesitate. GREAT product for a GREAT price!!



12/1/2015 by Roberta

Just what I needed for my iPad cord!


Great idea

11/28/2015 by Anna

Great idea, my daughters charging cables were always breaking and this simple yet awesome idea has solved the problem. Highly recommend.


Worth the cost

11/27/2015 by William

Easy to install and does a good job protecting the cable connection.


would recommend

11/25/2015 by Jan

I really like this cable protector. My ipad cable was getting frayed. This stopped the problem perfectly. I love it.


Great item

11/24/2015 by Mary

It will definitely protect my I-cables, and identify them. Too bad in a family of six we all have I-phones and I-pads, so this will not protect them from my children. Maybe be a mouse trap DNA reading one next!


Worth every penny

11/18/2015 by Carol

Easy to install, definetly helps cord ends from fraying. Great product.

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The Tudia Story

Long live the charging cable.

Stop Frays Before They Start

You probably know the frustration of a frayed charging cable. The wiggling and partial charges are enough to make anyone crazy. The Klip by Tudia protects your Apple charger from fraying with two simple little cages around the cord’s stress points.

The durable, silicone Klip slides easily onto the ends of your cable and snaps in place. It limits how much your cord can bend at the most stressful points, while still keeping it flexible. This reduces strain by up to 80% and increases the life of your charger.

The Klip comes in a variety of colors to help organize your cables or just make yours
easy to identify.

So keep those expensive cables in great shape, as long as possible, with the Klip.
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