Klip Cable Protector Set of 5 in Retail Packaging Case of 12

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They are sturdy

12/31/2015 by Tika

Time will tell if these will save me from having to buy replacement Apple cords. I have installed them on all of them and even gave a one away. They are easy to install and we will see....


Cable protector

12/29/2015 by Christine

Work very well on my iPad and iPod. Was using spring from a pen to stop wire from breaking. Easy to apply and stay in place. Wonderful product.



12/27/2015 by MaryLou

Just purchased and started using. Easy to place on cords and I believe they'll solve the problem of frayed cords. I have had to replace two cords in the last month so see this product as a a necessity.


Awesome creation and design!!

12/20/2015 by Heather

I purchased the five pack if these cool little gadgets and boy am I glad I did!! I have them on both mine and my husbands iPhone chargers as well as our ipad2 and the mini. We have gone through a few chargers now (my hubby especially) and these seem to help the life of the ends of the cords. They fit securely and make me feel better when the items are changing as they are being used. I would definitely recommend them!



12/19/2015 by meg

Order was recieved fast and the product is great!!!!


Works great

12/17/2015 by Colibri

Simply put, these are awesome! Work great on all my devices.


Great help

12/13/2015 by Roz

Prefect for the assortment of electronics in my house.



12/12/2015 by Sheri

These are fabulous!! I am using them as stocking stuffers. Can't wait for Christmas!



12/9/2015 by Betty

Very useful and helpful.


Klip cable protectors

12/7/2015 by Heather

Great little attachments to help protect the cords. So far we have these on 3 cords and they seem to be doing the job! No fraying or breaking of the cords yet.

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The Tudia Story

Long live the charging cable.

Stop Frays Before They Start

You probably know the frustration of a frayed charging cable. The wiggling and partial charges are enough to make anyone crazy. The Klip by Tudia protects your Apple charger from fraying with two simple little cages around the cord’s stress points.

The durable, silicone Klip slides easily onto the ends of your cable and snaps in place. It limits how much your cord can bend at the most stressful points, while still keeping it flexible. This reduces strain by up to 80% and increases the life of your charger.

The Klip comes in a variety of colors to help organize your cables or just make yours
easy to identify.

So keep those expensive cables in great shape, as long as possible, with the Klip.
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