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Klip Cable Protector Set of 5 Case of 12

Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Extends the life of charging cords

3/12/2017 by Zukieoh

These work great to protect charging cords from bending. I wish there was a slightly larger size for thicker cords.


Tudia Klip Cable Protector - Set of 5

3/3/2017 by Denese

These do protect my cables!!! So glad I got them. They're GREAT!!!


Terrific for older electronics.

2/8/2017 by CVB Lakewood CO

I have an old IPad. Most of my cords fit the older wider profile These have made all these cords usable again. We keep all charging cables in the same place. The colors are used on charging cords of the same size (easy to select).


Love These Duel Purpose

1/31/2017 by Sheila

These do a great job of protecting your Apple cables also they make it so easy if you have multiple apple cables in the house to tell them apart.


Problem solved!

1/15/2017 by Stephanie

My teenagers were going through cords like crazy, and were using duct tape to repair them. These Klips are perfectlying prolonging the life of their cords now! We bought the 5-color pack so each person has their own identifying color - no more, "Is that my cord or your cord?"


Well received gift!

1/14/2017 by Emily

I am the only family member without an iphone, yet I'm always the one finding everyone's cable and deciphering who belongs with which cable. (No one wants the cable with the temperamental plug.) Now everyone can find his own cable and they won't have to worry about plugs fraying. Thanks Santa, what a great stocking stuffer!


Protection for Apple

1/12/2017 by Sheila

Love this idea, and concept.
Wish I had it years ago, not only does it protect the cords but also makes them easily identifiable if you have a household of Apple users such as we do.



12/15/2016 by Carla

A wonderful needed invention to save cords



12/8/2016 by JP

Quick ship and everything as represented. Will buy more!


These are Great

12/2/2016 by Barb

I ordered these because I was tired of the end of plugs getting bent and wires within broken. These are great. I haven't had a problem since ordering and using these plug ends.

Highly recommended.

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The Tudia Story

Long live the charging cable.

Stop Frays Before They Start

You probably know the frustration of a frayed charging cable. The wiggling and partial charges are enough to make anyone crazy. The Klip by Tudia protects your Apple charger from fraying with two simple little cages around the cord’s stress points.

The durable, silicone Klip slides easily onto the ends of your cable and snaps in place. It limits how much your cord can bend at the most stressful points, while still keeping it flexible. This reduces strain by up to 80% and increases the life of your charger.

The Klip comes in a variety of colors to help organize your cables or just make yours
easy to identify.

So keep those expensive cables in great shape, as long as possible, with the Klip.
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