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Wearable Nail Polish Holder

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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It's great!

9/7/2016 by Sharon

It works great no more spills and it's close so no drips.
Really like it.


Great for some "Where did you find this, you are amazing" points

8/16/2016 by Mark

I have watched women paint their nails before, but never considered the logistics of the process. When I saw the product, I realized that attention that should be used for the nail is diverted by remembering not to spill the polish.
If I painted my nails often, I would likely view it as a potentially hazardous procedure and have reluctance to do so more often.
Having the polish secure means time is not spent being as careful, which make the process faster. It didn't look very secure in the picture, but it's down in there, and definitely isn't popping out. Actually the material used has the perfect flexibility and non slip properties that make it more effective than a picture can convey.
You do run the, "Ask the guy with the coffee cup in his left hand what time it is" spill risk. But that is one variable within your control. Holding a lose bottle with two fingers in an awkwad position has many more variables. These are of course my assumptions.
However, I do know that the benefits I received using this as a - 'no special occasion, I was just thinking about you - gift' - are subjectively greater than the purchae price.
I would compare the recipient's response to that of the no spill detergent container - 'This is so simple, why did I not think of that; how did I ever get anything done in my pre-tweexy life?'
The Grommet has been my little secret for many awesome 'no special reason' gifts, and has made me the hero on many occasions. Get several, give one to your assistant, or the woman in the office next to you. Really.


Great gift!

7/1/2016 by Ralph

I bought this as a birthday gift for a close friend of mine. She was so thrilled that it came in her favorite color; pink! She says that it's freaking awesome. Thanks!



6/28/2016 by Carolyn

Awesome tool for DIY nail polish. The holder all my bottles, no matter the shape - even my granddaughter was impressed.


Great product

6/20/2016 by Donna Jean

Glad I got one.


Love this product

5/1/2016 by Cheryl

Makes doing my own nails easy. My granddaughters even like it.


My Wife Says...

1/10/2020 by Tom

I bought this as a gift for my wife, as I do not polish toenails or fingernails (not unusual for a 71-year old man, I think). She absolutely loves this device, and we will shortly purchase another one for my step-daughter, who lives in New Zealand. Her only complaint is that she has not yet mastered taking it on and off.


Well . . .

6/26/2019 by Jo

I’m sure younger people will like this and be able to use it comfortably. I’m just too shaky. Will rate it at 4 because it is a good idea, just not for me.


A good find.

3/12/2019 by Sue

It was a" gifty" for my granddaughter. She was delighted with it! Finds it very helpful. I probably should buy some for the other girls -it went over so well.
Thank you for your searching!!


Holds pretty well

2/25/2019 by Georgianne

This works fine with a round bottle, but doesn't hold oval shaped bottles. I don't have any other shaped bottles to try right now.. But like I said, it works fine with the round ones so..

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The tweexy Story

This ring improves your manicure.

Manicure Yourself

Painting your own nails is pretty risky without a flat surface for resting the bottle. What if you could wear the bottle instead? tweexy is a ring that’s a nail polish holder—keeping your bottle secure so you can paint your nails almost anywhere.

Just push your nail polish into the flaps on top. They conform to hold any shape of bottle. And since tweexy is made of flexible silicone, it fits most fingers, too.

Makers Mark Miclette and Liz Boyle came up with tweexy one day at the beach. They noticed a sunbather struggling to paint her nails without spilling, and realized that a wearable nail
polish holder was the answer.

Slide tweexy over your fingers or pinch the tabs to put it directly onto your hand—no touching wet nails. The design lets you reach polish at the bottom of the bottle, too. Painting nails still takes a steady hand. But now you’ll have a steady bottle.
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