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Wearable Nail Polish Holder

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Reviews (4.3 out of 5 Grommets)

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7/25/2018 by Lesley




12/21/2016 by Tina

Bought this for my daughter. Makes polishing your nails convenient. Easy to use.



12/13/2016 by Kathy

received quickly and looks as advertised. It is a Xmas gift & I know it will be appreciated!


Sent as a gift

6/30/2016 by Lorraine M

According to my granddaughter she thought that this was the neatrest thing around. She told me that this gift was great.


Handy Helper

6/21/2016 by Janet

My nieces do their own manicures and pedicures. The fear of spilling or finding the right setting to do their nails makes them crazy. I bought holders for each of them and they are thrilled. They say it changes the whole dynamic and makes polishing a lot easier.



5/3/2020 by Laura

This is very awkward to use. It's going to take me awhile. I have no trouble putting it on, but it is hard to manipulate.



12/14/2018 by Mrs Ronald

This is a novel idea and most teens will find it fun to use. i believe I would still turn my hand upside down and make it spill but that's just me.


Helps my left hand

10/7/2018 by Patricia

While I don't really need it when I'm working with my right hand on my left hand, it's quite handy when the reverse is true. It also works best when my hand is flat on a surface, not up in the air as shown. Of course, then I have to work around the bottle holder to get to my nails = hence, the 3 stars.

Still, it's useful in its way and makes a better manicure than I did without it.



9/20/2018 by Patricia

The first bottle of nail polish that I put it kept popping out. Will only stay in if I pull out all the petals and stand them up to support the bottle. I hope that will not ruin it!


Ok, if upright

5/15/2018 by Eric

Bought for my daughter who liked it. But she stopped using it after she kept spilling the polish due to holding her hand at its natural angle.

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The tweexy Story

This ring improves your manicure.

Manicure Yourself

Painting your own nails is pretty risky without a flat surface for resting the bottle. What if you could wear the bottle instead? tweexy is a ring that’s a nail polish holder—keeping your bottle secure so you can paint your nails almost anywhere.

Just push your nail polish into the flaps on top. They conform to hold any shape of bottle. And since tweexy is made of flexible silicone, it fits most fingers, too.

Makers Mark Miclette and Liz Boyle came up with tweexy one day at the beach. They noticed a sunbather struggling to paint her nails without spilling, and realized that a wearable nail
polish holder was the answer.

Slide tweexy over your fingers or pinch the tabs to put it directly onto your hand—no touching wet nails. The design lets you reach polish at the bottom of the bottle, too. Painting nails still takes a steady hand. But now you’ll have a steady bottle.
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