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Rather large

2/13/2019 by Sharon

I took this on a trip to Greece. Though it works well and had the necessary adaptors, it seemed large and a little cumbersome compared to my friends adaptor.



3/6/2019 by Kathy

Could not get this to work in NZ. Very disappointed after all the rave reviews. Found many other adapters on our travels that were smaller and lighter. Waste of money.


Works for me!

3/4/2017 by Angela

I was afraid to open it because the packaging had a specific reference to a mac book. I was bummed because my nephew needed an adapter for a trip to Greece this month and I ordered this as a gift. Turns out this was perfect!


Wasted Money

12/17/2016 by John

The device did not fit into a standard UK Wall Outlet in the condo I had rented in London. I thought perhaps I was doing something wrong and so I took it to the receptionist. She tried to plug it into two different outlets in the lobby and it wouldn't fit. I then walked to a nearby shop and purchased an adapter as well as borrowed one from the receptionist. They both fit perfectly in the wall outlets in the condo. So the annoying part of the transaction was wasting the time and money on purchasing a device that I already had a home, and then of course there is the cost of returning the OneAdptr to Grommet. Great concept but lousy product.


Too bulky

9/7/2016 by Jelcy

I have other adaptors that cover pretty much the same that take up less space and room in my bag.

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The OneAdaptr Story

Charge 3 or 4 devices at once—in 150 countries.

Power Anywhere

Outlet-stingy hotels were a problem for OneAdaptr Maker Michael Ma. During a work trip, he and his coworkers used all the outlets in their rooms and the lobby just to charge up. Michael wanted an adapter that worked all over the world and had multiple charging ports, too. Years of planning and prototypes lead to the creation of the first TWIST World Adapter.

Since then, OneAdaptr has expanded to cover all the charging (and outlet) bases so you can travel a little smarter and a little lighter. The universal travel adapters work in over 150 countries and are super easy to use. Just pick the one
that suits your power needs and give the base a twist to raise the adapter you need. Read More Read Less