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TWIST World Charging Station Case of 4


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Failed on my second international trip

11/17/2018 by Douglas

The design of this adapter makes it hard to stay in a European socket where there is not a lot of friction to help keep the adapter connected. Plug in a few USB charging cables and the weight distribution becomes even more lopsided. The charger kept falling out of the socket -- it simply wouldn't stay in -- and finally one fall caused it to fail entirely. For a $40 device, this apparent fragility, especially in a travel device where it's to be expected that it might get knocked around in a suitcase or bag, is unfortunate. This failure left us stranded without a charger on our trip and forced us to purchase one at a mobile store in Norway for a small fortune. I can't recommend this charging station and am very disappointed in its lack of performance.


It was great 'till it broke

11/2/2017 by Susan

I was very excited to find this item - my husband and I were going to Italy - 4 devices between us - seemed like just the thing, and it was, until it stopped working about a week into the trip - its maiden voyage. Was not dropped or otherwise damaged - just stopped.

Pretty disappointing.

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The OneAdaptr Story

Charge 3 or 4 devices at once—in 150 countries.

Power Anywhere

Outlet-stingy hotels were a problem for OneAdaptr Maker Michael Ma. During a work trip, he and his coworkers used all the outlets in their rooms and the lobby just to charge up. Michael wanted an adapter that worked all over the world and had multiple charging ports, too. Years of planning and prototypes lead to the creation of the first TWIST World Adapter.

Since then, OneAdaptr has expanded to cover all the charging (and outlet) bases so you can travel a little smarter and a little lighter. The universal travel adapters work in over 150 countries and are super easy to use. Just pick the one
that suits your power needs and give the base a twist to raise the adapter you need. Read More Read Less