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Extra Arrow for Archery Set

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Much fun for 4 year old

9/22/2018 by Francine

I bought the archery set as a birthday present for my granddaughter. She has had a world of fun with it. The arrow tips are nicely padded so is a safe toy. She left two arrows outside the day before Halloween and they ended up broken. Her heart also.


A must have for little Legolases(?)

12/16/2017 by Andy

Bought the bow + quiver set for my nephew and bought some more arrows to pad the quiver out nicely. They all fit really well and are not heavy for him at all. Good times (except when he mistakes me for an Uruk-Hai but then again I'm pretty tall lol)

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The Two Bros Bows Story

Hit me with your best shot—but it won’t hurt.

Bows For Beginners

Young brothers Duncan and Hayden wanted to recreate the archery scenes they loved from the movie "Brave." With some help from their mom, they designed their own kids’ archery sets.

After developing their first bow and arrow prototypes, Two Bros Bows made a small batch to sell locally. It quickly sold out and the two young entrepreneurs decided to grow their business. Their Made in the USA sets are now ready to get kids everywhere interested in archery, and parents will appreciate that this pastime develops hand-eye coordination while playing outdoors.

The arrows and bows are hand-assembled and
have rustic, unfinished quality. It honors their roots as a kid-made creation, and is definitely part of the appeal. The stuffed, soft-tipped arrow is gentle for little archers, so they can’t poke themselves—or each other—but can still shoot up to 30 feet.

Kids can take aim at targets or stage imaginary battles with this charming set made by two brothers just like them.
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