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Love it

7/20/2020 by Mari

Love it!


Hydration Bottle Accessory

7/20/2020 by Sharon

I love this little light that fits on my water cup. It reminds me to drink water about every 15-20 minutes which drives me crazy. It does help me get in my water requirements which is very important to keep my kidneys healthy. I recommend this to anyone that has a hard time staying hydrated.


Love this

4/5/2020 by Debra

This is the second time I've bought this item. This time for my sister who definitely loved mine when I was visiting her in FL. The light reminds you to take a drink and continues to flash until you do pick up your glass.


Love it!

10/16/2019 by Stephanie

It has not only gotten me to start drinking water on a more regular basis, but it has been a huge conversation starter with others about drinking water. Love the design, the function, and the conversations it has started!

Thank you!



7/4/2019 by Ptrisha

Love it.. LOVE it... L O V E itttt! I bought this in teal. It Works exactly as promised and it really gets my attention. Easily noticed even in my peripheral vision. I have upped my water intake drastically THANK YOU!


great idea!

6/28/2019 by Jillian

I am always dehydrated! this little gadget is a wonderful way to be reminded to drink. No more dehydration problem!



3/5/2019 by Nancy

I love the reminder to drink water. Makes a Hugh difference in my water consumption. Bought another for my mom.


Handy reminder

2/25/2019 by Katherine

This little light is a dandy reminder for me to drink more water. I fill my insulated bottle with cool water, sometimes add ice, and set the bottle where I will see the flashing. I'm feeling better just because I am drinking more water. My doctor said I was dehydrated but I didn't think I was because I wasn't thirsty. You don't have to be thirsty to be dehydrated. This is a good way to remember to drink...water.


Certainly reminds you!

1/26/2019 by Cecilia

No avoiding the blinking light...which is good but can be annoying. Maybe annoying because it tells me how many times I forget to hydrate. Only complaint is I wish I could turn it off so when I know I am not going to be using it I could save the battery



1/9/2019 by Jane

This is the best reminder for drinking my water. Love this easy to use product.

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The Ulla Story

Your water bottle is blinking. Take a sip.

Hydration reminder

Ulla turns your drinking vessel into a smart water bottle that gives you hydration reminders during your busy day.

It’s a silicone band that fits over a bottle or glass. Inside, an accelerometer, which tracks the band’s movement, knows when it’s been a while since you’ve taken a sip. Go more than 30-40 minutes without some H2O, and when you’re nearby (the band’s sensors will know that), Ulla’s light will blink.

Several of us tried it out here at Grommet headquarters, and were grateful for the reminder to stay on track to drinking our eight glasses a day.

Put Ulla in place, and you don’t have
to do anything else. Just drink. Read More Read Less