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Hydration Reminder Bottle Accessory Case of 20

Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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Italian Stallion

3/5/2018 by Gary

Very helpful especially while I'm watching TV. A healthcare professional told me to take sips of water during commercial breaks. It didn't work that well because I always fast forward through the commercials but this is a lot easier and when you're sitting down with people talking you don't have a TV to gauge you with this works wonderfully happy I got a blue one for me and the pink one for my girlfriend. Sincerely Gary V 70 year old white male


Great reminder

3/4/2018 by CG

The Ulla hydration reminder works for me because I don't always drink enough water. When the light flashes I take a sip and surprisingly find myself needing to refill my bottle . I would not recommend it for someone whose health issues make them subject to seizures or attacks because the duration of each blinking session,while relatively short (8-10 flashes each time), could be detrimental in such cases.
A family member is one such person and must take care to turn hers away so it's not directly facing her. Perhaps some way to set the number of flashes and number of times it flashes could be offered for those with such sensitivities. Still, it's a great product.


love it

3/2/2018 by Maribeth

It is so very helpful, I'am very bad about drinking water, it hows me so very much to do it. I'm so very glad I got it.


best idea ever!

3/2/2018 by Ani

i've always been terrible at drinking water - i WANT to, but i always just FORGOT. now thanks to this little reminder, i've drank more water consistently than i ever have in the past! brilliant!


A friendly reminder

3/2/2018 by Teri

I love mine! It feels like a little friend on my desk at work and I'm drinking more water!


Love this!

3/2/2018 by ceil

I love this! Works exactly as advertised. Sits by my computer at work and now I am reminded to take a sip of water all through the day!


Works like a charm!

3/2/2018 by Roxanne

I have this on my water bottle that is next to my keyboard at work, and you can't MISS when it's telling you to take a drink! And the little blink you get when you've taken a drink is like the bottle telling you 'Thank you' or 'Good job'. :)


Great tool

3/2/2018 by Colleen

I needed to drink more water at work, but keep getting to the end of my day with the same bottle of water I started with. This little light is not complicated to use and really works. Since starting to use it, I get through 3 bottles every day. There are no settings to mess with. You just hang it on your bottle and start drinking. It keeps track of when the bottle is picked up and tipped in a drinking motion. If you don’t drink in a 30-40 minute stretch it blinks rapidly. It really does get you attention even though there’s no sound. I’ve noticed it from across the room. I find myself being more mindful of whether I’m drinking throughout the day. When you drink, it gives you a gentle flash of light to acknowledge the action. It’s powered by a button battery and is silent to prevent complaints from co-workers. If you struggle to remember to drink water this will help remind and train you to get more water through out the day.


Love this. Works great with people who have dementia

6/27/2019 by Sharon

I bought one for a gift for a friend with dementia. It has helped her remember to drink water. I also bought one for me because while I am working, I tend to forget to drink. I would have preferred an adjustable strap instead of but a stretch strap. Some of my glasses are too big for it.


Great little silent reminder

4/27/2019 by janice

This really does remind me (and my coworkers in my immediate vicinity!) to hydrate more often. It's a friendly, silent little "pest" saying, "Pause, and take care of yourself!" I am drinking at least 2 or 3 of the Insulated Water Bottles (I bought on this site), and without the reminder, I would maybe drink 1 or 2 smaller bottles while at work. It continues to remind me at home as well. It doesn't have an on and off button, so I'm not sure if it blinks periodically at night or not, since I'm asleep. It says the replaceable battery works for 6 months.

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The Ulla Story

Your water bottle is blinking. Take a sip.

Hydration reminder

Ulla turns your drinking vessel into a smart water bottle that gives you hydration reminders during your busy day.

It’s a silicone band that fits over a bottle or glass. Inside, an accelerometer, which tracks the band’s movement, knows when it’s been a while since you’ve taken a sip. Go more than 30-40 minutes without some H2O, and when you’re nearby (the band’s sensors will know that), Ulla’s light will blink.

Several of us tried it out here at Grommet headquarters, and were grateful for the reminder to stay on track to drinking our eight glasses a day.

Put Ulla in place, and you don’t have
to do anything else. Just drink. Read More Read Less