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Hydration Reminder Bottle Starter Kit Case of 20

Reviews (4.8 out of 5 Grommets)

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OMG- best product ever!

11/18/2018 by Colleen

I have tried many products in an attempt to drink more water. I desperately needed to increase my fluid intake. I was dehydrated and was down to about 16 ounces a day., I received my Ulla 3 days after ordering it and almost immediately increased my fluid intake and within a day I reached my target. I love this product so much I'm going to purchase another one right now.



10/18/2018 by melissa

This thing is great! I would not be getting nearly the water intake I need if not for this device


Water reminder!

10/1/2018 by Tev

I like this little gadget. I use it at work and that flashing light gets my attention. It's funny but I find I'll say thank you. :-) Don't use it quite as much at home since my water bottle isn't in eye view all the time. It does work in the car though and I'm thinking it will be good in the RV when we are traveling and I need to keep hydrated.


I call it the Nagger

9/15/2018 by Carole

Love it! It nags me into drinking more water, which is exactly what I need. Thanks....I think, lol.


Helpful gadget

7/20/2018 by Charissa

This little flashing gadget DOES help me remember to drink water throughout the day. Even my assistant noticed it flashing and handed me my water bottle! I do wonder how long the battery will last (since it does the intermittent flashing throughout the night when I don't notice)...


Hydration Reminder

5/29/2018 by Theresa

This does blink to remind you to drink, but it doesn't fit well on cups like Yeti. Is better suited for a more slimmer bottle/cup. It works fine though.


very pleased with purchase

4/17/2018 by Margaret

Very happy with purchase of hydration reminder. I bought one for myself and one for my elderly mother who forgets to drink water. This fits ight on our water bottles and is an excellent reminder. Would recommend to anyone who sometimes forget to drink their water.


So simple and it works!

4/8/2018 by Janice

As with most people, I need to drink more water. I saw this and thought, "what the heck, I'll try it." It actually works. I work from home and get caught up staring at my computer for hours. Not only does the Ulla remind me to drink water, it also gives me a reminder to stand up and stretch. Love it. This would be a great gift!


It works!!

3/10/2018 by Tanya

Was skeptical ... but has certainlt gotten me to drink more. Only worry is that I’ll forget to take it off my bottle before throwing it out!! Will buy one for my daughter who also doesn’t remember to drink enough!


Italian Stallion

3/5/2018 by Gary

Very helpful especially while I'm watching TV. A healthcare professional told me to take sips of water during commercial breaks. It didn't work that well because I always fast forward through the commercials but this is a lot easier and when you're sitting down with people talking you don't have a TV to gauge you with this works wonderfully happy I got a blue one for me and the pink one for my girlfriend. Sincerely Gary V 70 year old white male

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The Ulla Story

Your water bottle is blinking. Take a sip.

Hydration reminder

Ulla turns your drinking vessel into a smart water bottle that gives you hydration reminders during your busy day.

It’s a silicone band that fits over a bottle or glass. Inside, an accelerometer, which tracks the band’s movement, knows when it’s been a while since you’ve taken a sip. Go more than 30-40 minutes without some H2O, and when you’re nearby (the band’s sensors will know that), Ulla’s light will blink.

Several of us tried it out here at Grommet headquarters, and were grateful for the reminder to stay on track to drinking our eight glasses a day.

Put Ulla in place, and you don’t have
to do anything else. Just drink. Read More Read Less