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Hydration Reminder Bottle Starter Kit Case of 20

Reviews (4.6 out of 5 Grommets)

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Great little silent reminder

4/27/2019 by janice

This really does remind me (and my coworkers in my immediate vicinity!) to hydrate more often. It's a friendly, silent little "pest" saying, "Pause, and take care of yourself!" I am drinking at least 2 or 3 of the Insulated Water Bottles (I bought on this site), and without the reminder, I would maybe drink 1 or 2 smaller bottles while at work. It continues to remind me at home as well. It doesn't have an on and off button, so I'm not sure if it blinks periodically at night or not, since I'm asleep. It says the replaceable battery works for 6 months.


Good but Hoping for more

12/11/2018 by Rebecca

I love this idea. But as a recent bariatric patient that has to sip constantly, it would be great if it had a programmable timer. Then I can set to take a sip every 15 minutes or so. Bariatric patients can’t drink a lot at a time because their stomach volumn has been drastically reduced. So “sipping” a lot is required to meet the 48-64 oz per day. Drinking enough each day is one of the biggest problems post surgery. A constant reminder every 10-15 min would be very helpful! I can have my water bottle near me, but forget to sip often enough. Everyone needs to drink more water each day, but with a programmable timer you’d open up a whole new market with bariatric patients!! Great product .. hope it evolves!


Not sure

8/12/2018 by Donna

It's ok except I cant grt it to turn off when I'm not using it.


Love it!

5/16/2018 by Tara

I've been using it on my water bottle at work and it definitely has me drinking more.


Really helpful

4/16/2018 by Jalene

I do love this accessory! Only one issue is that I use the straw lid on my Hydroflask so I have to remember to tip it up so Ulla knows I took a drink.


Hydration reminder bottle accessory

3/30/2018 by Terri

Reminds me to drink morE water. However, it has come off the band 4 times


For one spot workers

3/2/2018 by Denise

I love how it works when I’m sitting at the computer or my easel or even reading or watching TV!
However, I discovered on a road trip that the movement of the car makes it think I’m drinking so
it doesn’t flash for me - that’s the only reason I gave it only 4 stars. It works great otherwise!!


Needs work

12/27/2019 by Luro

Great idea but band around bottle needs to be colored so you see it BEFORE you throw water bottle I did after 3 uses...Very sad thirsty girl...


Not as expected

12/29/2019 by Tanya

Don’t notice the light blinking... would be better if there was a sound or something. I ended up giving it to someone and just use my timer on my phone!

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The Ulla Story

Your water bottle is blinking. Take a sip.

Hydration reminder

Ulla turns your drinking vessel into a smart water bottle that gives you hydration reminders during your busy day.

It’s a silicone band that fits over a bottle or glass. Inside, an accelerometer, which tracks the band’s movement, knows when it’s been a while since you’ve taken a sip. Go more than 30-40 minutes without some H2O, and when you’re nearby (the band’s sensors will know that), Ulla’s light will blink.

Several of us tried it out here at Grommet headquarters, and were grateful for the reminder to stay on track to drinking our eight glasses a day.

Put Ulla in place, and you don’t have
to do anything else. Just drink. Read More Read Less