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Stretch Belt

10/19/2020 by Cathy

Love this belt. Nice not having a bulky belt buckle.


comfortable belt

10/19/2020 by Wallace

I bought the belt for my wife who is petite. Always has trouble getting belts small enough. She indicate the belt was comfortable.


GREAT belt

9/4/2020 by Diane

Love this belt. Have it in 3 colors. Truly a flat closure.



8/25/2020 by Chelle

This was a gift for a friend who was lamenting the discontinuation of a similar belt she loved, and inability to find something similar. She LOVES it.



8/24/2020 by claire

I purchased white with rose gold. It’s really pretty and extremely comfortable! My white jeans are a bit loose in the waist and this stays flat and snugs up the waist area.



8/17/2020 by Barbara L

Def designed by a woman for women!


Best Belt EVER

8/6/2020 by Debora

I have two pairs of pants that fit fine in the morning but as the day wears on they start to fall off. I wear my tops on the outside of my pants and didn't want a belt buckle protruding. This belt is super comfortable, flat, and kept my pants up all day. I couldn't be more pleased with it.


A great belt.

7/21/2020 by Nancy

Great belt. Flat to pants.


Love them!

7/21/2020 by Becky

These belts are so nice. I ended up buying two Of them.


Finally- I can wear a belt again!

7/20/2020 by Mary

This is the most amazing belt. This belt allows me to dress sharper. I feel more “put together”; there is no belt buckle protruding (which of course catches your eye and doesn’t look great, then you feel Conspicuous). I would definitely recommend this !

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The Unbelts Story

Unbelts | Low Profile Stretch Belt

Incognito Belt

Besides making great-looking belts, the Unbelt company is committed to doing it in the best way possible. This certified B-Corp pays fair wages to its workers, and ensures safe working conditions for them.

Maker Claire Theaker-Brown was living in Shanghai when she founded the company, so “Made in China” means something very different in her case. It wasn’t outsourcing when the women sewing the belts lived right down the street.

Claire’s proximity to the supply chain for her materials resulted in a closer relationship with manufacturers and a careful, meticulous attention to the details of this
sleek (yet comfy!) design. Read More Read Less