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Clasp issue

3/4/2018 by Connie

A little difficult to clip


Really 3-1/2

2/15/2018 by Sherrie

I have been looking for a belt exactly like this ... soft and comfortable and, more importantly, extremely low profile and easy to use buckle. Upon receipt, however, I discovered that it is too wide for over half of my riding breeches’ belt loops. Even for the pairs with wider loops, it is a real chore to try to maneuver the end of the belt buckle sideways through each loop. Then, after working it through, the elastic itself folds over at each loop as it is just too wide.

The Unbelt itself seems like it would be perfect (thus 5 stars), except for the lack of width choices. If only it were about 1/4” thinner, it would have worked perfectly for me. Unfortunately, this Unbelt is being returned. Should it ever be offered in a thinner version, I will place my order immediately.


Inconsistent quality

3/7/2020 by Sheryl

I loved my first purchase of this stretch belt because the elastic was of robust quality and the clasp fit together tightly and easily. So, I bought several more in a variety of colors. I've found that some have better quality elastic than others; some seem longer than others; and one has poor clasping action.


Didn’t work for me

11/10/2019 by Julie

The buckle was worthless for me. Because I’m thicker around the middle, when I try to latch this belt, it won’t stay flat which is the whole purpose of the belt. So basically I can’t get it tight without the latch popping up/apart because the button of my jeans pushes on the back of the belt and then the latch pops open. I could wear it off center but then it just looks wonky:( I have a belt similar to this with a different buckle that works so I really feel it’s a design flaw that doesn’t work for me or my body.


Not what I expected

8/24/2019 by Kathryn

This belt is stretchier than I expected. In fact, it’s an overpriced piece of elastic. When I adjust the length of the belt to hold my pants up, it’s so taut that when I undo the fastener it slips back out of the first belt loop. The fastener, with its three circle design, makes it difficult to get through belt loops. It is nice looking enough.


Looks good...but...

6/26/2019 by Kathleen

The belt clasp opens when you bend forward.


Too wide

2/25/2019 by Ann

I like the concept of the belt but it is too wide to fit through the loops of most of my pants.


Doesn't do much but decorate

12/14/2018 by Patricia

This best is disappointing -- doesn't do much but just decorate the waistband -- not strong enough to hold pants up or in.



5/22/2018 by June

I was less than impressed with the substance of the Unbelt. It's very thin which makes it difficult to put through belt loops easily. I am a size 4/6 and the oval slide ends up in the center of my back. Very uncomfortable. The photo is misleading since we don't know what size pants they're using.


Nice Design but

3/4/2018 by Joe

My wife really likes the look of this belt but the buckel won’t stay clasped. It’s very disappointing as the concept is great as is the style.

Please let me know when this problem is rectified.

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Besides making great-looking belts, the Unbelt company is committed to doing it in the best way possible. This certified B-Corp pays fair wages to its workers, and ensures safe working conditions for them.

Maker Claire Theaker-Brown was living in Shanghai when she founded the company, so “Made in China” means something very different in her case. It wasn’t outsourcing when the women sewing the belts lived right down the street.

Claire’s proximity to the supply chain for her materials resulted in a closer relationship with manufacturers and a careful, meticulous attention to the details of this
sleek (yet comfy!) design. Read More Read Less