Uncle Bill's

Sliver Grippers with Key Chain Clip

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7/7/2014 by Julie

Purchased these for a birthday and recipient loves it.


Best tweezer ever

6/19/2014 by Susan

I have been using these tweezers for over 20 years. They will grab and hold on t0 the finest splinter. I live in the desert and we have lots of prickly things that grab on to an unwary hike. ...my tweezers have been tested lots of times! The cost works out to about a nickel a year if you consider that my oldest pair was purchased in 1986.....


Very precise and sharp tweezers

5/5/2014 by IAH

Most wouldn't use the word "sharp" to describe a set of tweezers. But the end edges are so well matched, and the tip so finely honed, that it sometimes feels like you have a razor edge next to what you're removing with these things! And that's a good thing.

It's that level of finish that makes these tweezers so great. Doesn't matter if you're removing a splinter or using them to help thread a needle, they grip solidly and don't budge or wiggle.

A very nice set of tweezers, in all respects.


Great tweezers

5/2/2014 by Chris

Highly recommended - they make it easy to do precision work. I have them at home as well as in my first aid kit when camping.


excellent! & replaced my "hair tweezers"

4/13/2014 by Cruz

I don't have to worry about reaching into my traveling shaving/med kit & getting stabbed (or any one. The size is most convenient allowing for precision n what may be momentarily tedious work. Yes, it's already been used by a buddy. .


Great little tweezers

2/1/2014 by cathy

These tweezers work great and take up almost no space.


Great tool!

1/30/2014 by Sherry

Precise grippers. Gave two as gifts, and they have found them very useful.



12/6/2013 by Lynn

These are Christmas gifts! but we have had a pair for several years and love them.


Great grippers

10/27/2013 by Kim

These tweezers are good at gripping splinters! Well made with an economy of material and design. The tab with the slot for putting on a chain/keychain is a nice touch. I recommend them.


Excellent product

10/9/2013 by Carol

Very effective on removing splinters as well as
Other multiple uses.

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The Uncle Bill's Sliver Grippers Story

Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezer

Get A Grip

Good tweezers are a dime a dozen but a great pair of tweezers is hard to find. Mary Ann McCormick from Lark Fine Food (we featured her gourmet cookies just last month) said these were the best tweezers she has ever owned. After using them to extract a very stubborn sliver that other tweezers couldn’t grip, we have to agree.

So what makes Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper so special? Unlike conventional tweezers that are made by spot-welding two pieces of metal together, the Sliver Gripper is crafted from a single piece of spring-tempered stainless steel. The pointed tip is honed by hand so it’s
unbelievably precise. The inventor, Uncle Bill, created the tweezers in his basement workshop. Today they’re manufactured in West Hartford, Conn., by a company that kept the Uncle Bill name to pay homage to his big little invention. One of Uncle Bill’s largest customers is the U.S. military — soldiers keep a pair with their dog tags. If the Sliver Gripper is good enough for use in the trenches, then you know it’s something you need to have in your first-aid kit… and in your makeup case, sewing bag and toolbox. Read More Read Less