Uncle Bill's

Sliver Grippers with Key Chain Clip

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Nice and small

6/26/2019 by John

Just wish I could remember to carry these with me



5/26/2019 by Gloria

Simple and useful with nice tips that come together clean. I like these



10/19/2018 by Suzanne

Works like all needle nose tweezers.


Nice tool

8/2/2014 by Charles

Small works well, fits nicely on key chain


Good Start

7/12/2014 by Keith

I had a similar tweezers many years ago when I was working as a Tool Maker. They had a very sharp point to make it easier to dig out steel splinters. I had hoped that these would be similar but they were not as pointed. It was no problem to "Sharpen" them with a light file and then a stone. After modifying they work great and the clip works well for protecting the point from things in my tool box and me from the tweezers. I don't use the clip as a holder just a protector.
Getting three is nice because I could put one in my tool box, one in my truck and one in the medicine cabinet in the house.


Not great

9/19/2016 by Roseanna

Disappointed in this. They are so short and hard to hold and the point or tip is not as pointed as they appear. My husband has much better ones he purchased in the drug store.


Not working well for me

9/28/2015 by Marilyn

These may work well for slivers, but I was hoping they would work as well for eyebrow tweezing. This does not seem to be the case for me.


didn't love

12/8/2015 by Patrizia

and didn't work as well as it said.. not even close



12/10/2016 by Tim

Don't waste your money on these and if you do, don't get them in black. Two main issues.
1. The points of the tweezers aren't straight enough to be able to grip anything fine, like hair or small slivers. Maybe will turn out useful with tight knots, but the black coating will still be an issue.
2. The tweezers are still covered in oil and black powdery paint. Even after cleaning them all with qtips and rubbing alcohol, my hands still get stained black.
Regretting paying even shipping on these.


not as good as i had hoped

11/1/2016 by Lisa

these tweezers are not as good as I had hoped. they just don't grip hair very well. disappointed.

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The Uncle Bill's Sliver Grippers Story

Uncle Bill's Sliver Gripper Precision Tweezer

Get A Grip

Good tweezers are a dime a dozen but a great pair of tweezers is hard to find. Mary Ann McCormick from Lark Fine Food (we featured her gourmet cookies just last month) said these were the best tweezers she has ever owned. After using them to extract a very stubborn sliver that other tweezers couldn’t grip, we have to agree.

So what makes Uncle Bill’s Sliver Gripper so special? Unlike conventional tweezers that are made by spot-welding two pieces of metal together, the Sliver Gripper is crafted from a single piece of spring-tempered stainless steel. The pointed tip is honed by hand so it’s
unbelievably precise. The inventor, Uncle Bill, created the tweezers in his basement workshop. Today they’re manufactured in West Hartford, Conn., by a company that kept the Uncle Bill name to pay homage to his big little invention. One of Uncle Bill’s largest customers is the U.S. military — soldiers keep a pair with their dog tags. If the Sliver Gripper is good enough for use in the trenches, then you know it’s something you need to have in your first-aid kit… and in your makeup case, sewing bag and toolbox. Read More Read Less