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FlashPoint Candle

Saxon 9"

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Reviews (3.9 out of 5 Grommets)

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Nice looking; Quality item

7/25/2018 by Sally

Great addition to decor



6/9/2017 by Mark

Gift to my wife. It is great candle and we all enjoy on the patio. It gives off a lot of light when all wicks are lit!



8/15/2016 by Sha

I love this candle. The smell is wonderful also.


Love this !!!!!!

12/3/2014 by Linda

Great. Great candle. Going to order another !!


Good Candle

7/8/2017 by Bradley

Enjoyed it and the bowl afterwards, but it did not last very long, especially for the price paid.


Great Buy

2/15/2015 by Phil

As far as candles go this was reasonably priced and the bowl is very nice. I have been burning mine all day. My candle is supposed to be scented, but haven't smelled anything yet. That's my only downside for this candle.


Plastic coating?

12/26/2016 by Michael

My wife opened the candle today, for Xmas. We are puzzled by what appears to be a coating of plastic around all of the glazing. At first, it seemed to be just part of the wrapping, but it seems to be very difficult, if not impossible to remove all of this coating. Lighting the candle would melt and vaporize the plastic. What is this coating?


Pleased with the fill of one, but not the other.

2/17/2015 by Beverly

I bought two 9" candles in gold. One is taller than the other by over 1/4". They both have approximately the same amount of wax in them. However, the larger one looks like it needs a lot more wax. I like them, but I am also disappointed. If I had ordered only one and received the the shorter candle, I would be happy, as it looks like it has the right amount of wax in the container.


Poorly Made

10/11/2015 by CC

I purchased two of these and when removing the clear plastic covering from the candles, the ceramic lip broke off in different places. It is really disappointing to spend so much on a candle and have it break. It's also embarrassing to give something as a gift that you think is a really special present and have it appear to be cheaply made.

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The FlashPoint Candle Story

FlashPoint Candle - Giant Multiwick Candles

Light Play

There’s nothing ordinary about a FlashPoint candle. Instead of one wick, FlashPoint candles have multiple wicks. Instead of identical, bland containers, each candle is hand-poured in a stunning ceramic vessel.

The founder of the company, Drea Groeschel, set out to create candles that do more than simply give light and freshen the air in your home. Using multiple wicks creates a dynamic landscape of candlelight—it’s like the difference between a single star and a canopy of stars. Drea specifies the proportions of the drip-glazed ceramic pottery to maximize the effect, and she uses blue-hued
glazes on the inside surfaces to reflect the shimmering lights.

When you want to add instant atmosphere to an indoor or outdoor table setting, Drea’s multi-wick candles cast a warm, inviting spell. Depending on the size, FlashPoint candles provide between 40 hours and 75 hours of burn time, and you can reuse the ceramic vessel (it makes a great container for floating candles). Each creation is a luminous work of art.
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