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Compression Cat Box

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Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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6/26/2019 by Dorothy

My daughter’s cats fight over it.


Fun for the whole family...of cats!

4/30/2019 by Wendy

My cats all love this box, and it is much more attractive than the cardboard boxes I leave around for them from time to time. Will probably be buying more so they don't have to wait their turn.


My cat loves this box!

4/14/2019 by Amy

At first, I thought anyone who paid for a box for their cat to sit in had way too much discretionary income. Having ordered from the Grommet many times previously, I figured it must be something good. Our cat, Spike, loves sitting in small cardboard boxes, before they go to the recycling bin. I finally gave in and ordered one. I put it in front of his favorite window. He jumped right in (much to my daughter’s delight) and he absolutely loves it. He is snuggled in there every morning, waiting for his breakfast. We are so glad we bought it! Great idea!


Better than a shoebox

4/13/2019 by Vickie

My cat loves boxes. But since her boxes and toys and bags cover most of my living space, I wanted to add a bit of class. Knew I was taking a gamble but she gravitated to it right away. I think the fact that it gives a little helps. She likes it. And it is pretty so I like it. But I am just her lowly human....


Great cat box

2/13/2019 by Mary

I bought this for my daughters cat and it only took him 10 minutes to climb in and take a nap! A definite plus, built well and looks much nicer than a cardboard box!!


Cats love it

2/13/2019 by Jamie

I have several cats and when the box first came many of them had to try it out. They actually took turns using it. Now it does still get used once in a while just not every day.


Max the Cat Loves It

2/13/2019 by Crystal

My boyfriend was skeptical when I gave his cat this for Christmas-it’s just another box right? But his cat LOVES IT! Good job Grommet.


Cat box

1/6/2019 by Vanessa

Oh my! Maggie our cat just loves this bow. She’s in it all the time and she plays with it by putting her toys in it and pouncing on the toys and the box is sliding across the floor. Would definitely recommend it for anyone who owns a cat.


the best cat bix ever

1/4/2019 by mary ann

I was very worried about purchasing this box for my cat,but I
finally did.even thou she weighs 15 poumds,she fits into it
perfectly.she is in everyday and love's it.i am so happy I
bought it for her.mary ann


Much curiosity shown

12/28/2018 by Karen

My cat who sits in boxes is still checking it out. I put one side down and she walks into it, then out. I tucked a "blankie" in and it appears to have been conformed to the box so she is still getting acquainted with it. Tried a locating in a few places she likes to lie. It's coming, probably another week.

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The Whisker+Box Story

Whisker + Box V3

Cozy Cat

If you've got a cat, you know they love snuggling up in small spaces.

This Made in the USA, collapsible cat bed is just the right size for your cat to get cozy—and it's much cuter and more functional than a cardboard box.

Maker and animal advocate Andrea Petrini’s thorough research and eye for design is evident in this seemingly simple contraption. She made sure the durable nylon canvas was easy to clean and incorporated the folding mechanism of a cardboard box into its collapsible design.

Whisker+Box was all the rage with cat parents at our office. It quickly became their kitties’ go-to sleep

You’ll love watching your kitty squeeze and bask in something attractive, sturdy, and American made.
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