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Universal Charging Outlet Case of 12

Reviews (4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Genius to idea!

9/16/2016 by Barbara

Now I can get my iPhone & iPad charged at the same time. Our plugs are limited in our small tv/office room. This is the perfect answer to our lack of plugs. I can still use both plugs for whatever I need. I wish it came is a bright color for traveling so not to forget it in the hotel. I will be ordering more for gifts. Thanks.



9/14/2016 by john

the Charger works very well.


Best I've tried!

8/2/2016 by John

This works very well for vertical outlets, and with all types of phone plugs. It has 2 good usb plugs too. I have tried a few different types of these, and like this one best.


Great, well made.

7/31/2016 by Jane

It's a great idea for our cabin that has fewer outlets than more recently-built homes. It also sets up charging stations where it's convenient for you.



7/22/2016 by Carol

Love love love , this. It is so easy to use and keeps stuff up.l will definitely get more,for myself,and as gifts.
This is a winner!


Best charger...EVER!!!

7/21/2016 by Elizabeth

My family of four easily uses - and needs to charge...12 devices daily. Really, it's amazing that we still possess the primitive ability to speak. These plugs are a Godsend! One charger can supply energy to FIVE devices.

Please do not assume that we actually 'share' this charger with one another. Each of us has our own charger meaning that we can charge (even charges non-apple stuff), blow dry our hair, work on a PC, iron - and/or use a soldering iron.

Yeah. We're THAT family.

...I am embarrassed.


Love it!

7/21/2016 by rose

I gave away 2 of them and am ordering another one! So handy!


Great item!

7/21/2016 by Stephanie

I wanted something to put by my bed so I could charge both my Fitbit and my iPhone. This item solves that problem in addition to being able to plug in my clock radio and my lamp. It looks nice too and makes everything neatly organized. Great product!


great product for efficiency

7/20/2016 by Bob

I have no replaced a number of gadgets with one simple to use multi-task one.



8/27/2016 by Robin

Not so computer savvy, but this charger is convenient and easy to travel with! No wires hanging all over!

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The thingCHARGER Story

It’s like a gas station for all your gadgets.

Consolidate Power

thingCHARGER takes your average wall socket and turns it into a universal charging station. Slip it over your three-pronged plugs, and there’s no need to negotiate between your alarm, lamp, phone, and laptop.

Aside from two standard outlets, thingCHARGER has two built-in USB ports and a top that doubles as a charging dock for your phone or tablet. To use the dock, the included lightning and micro-USB tips let you power up Apple and other brands of devices. That comes in handy for friends and family with different digital allegiances.

Makers Amy and Seymour Segnit wanted high functionality with
minimalist—almost invisible—design. thingCHARGER helps cut back on cords, tidy up countertops, and consolidate your devices in one streamlined multitasker. Read More Read Less