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I've Told Everyone I Know About These

6/27/2019 by Nina

Are you out of stock yet? Because, if you are, it's because I have sung the praises of and shown everyone I know these amazing little gizmos. I have them attached to every cord I own (you can make a tiny little hook around the cord so that it never falls off), and simply and quickly unwind it when I need to use the cord. When I am finished - the little wrap-around is right there to tidy up the cord.



6/16/2019 by Barbara J.

So worth the money because they are dependable for securing the different cords I have.


Lots of uses

5/7/2019 by Nancy

I have used to keep charging cables tidy and also to shorten one in car that's too long. I've also used to bundle herbs and flowers. They are great and i've ordered 4 pkgs so far.


sturdy and effective

4/30/2019 by Joy

Like these! Just have to remind husband not to leave it lying around, but to keep it tethered so it's easy to find next time you need it


Work so well!

4/2/2019 by Margaret

I hate cords tangled up and disorganized so that you can't get any one free. These eliminate all that in an attractive and convenient to use way. I've used the velcro ones before and they're good but you have to fight them. These are simple and effective. Highly recommended.



3/27/2019 by Becky

This was my second order of these cord ties. They are simply the best example of these type of items. I can’t say enough good things about them.


Love these!

2/15/2019 by Jane

These are great...and for more than just keeping wires organized. I have ordered more.


Cords organize practically anything.

2/14/2019 by Heather

These longer cords are more than enough length to keep what I want securely in place.


excellent product!

2/13/2019 by Sara

enjoyed by all recipients


Love this product

2/13/2019 by wolfgang

Much better than a large rubber band.Easy to use around large cords.

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The Unplugged Goods Story

Unplugged Goods - Whimsical Tech Accessories


Keep the cords in your life under control with these colorful, rubber, twistable ties. Strong and bendable, you can use and re-use them without needing to clip or fasten anything. The design even doubles as a device stand.

Long-time friends Cindy Glass and Dante Pauwels are the brains behind Unplugged Goods. Their very first idea came from a napkin sketch while the two were out to dinner. Since that initial paper drawing board, they’ve helped hundreds of earbuds, charging cords, and plugs stay neat and tidy.