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Better than gear ties

1/28/2018 by Ikcw

Nicer and neater. Very, very useful


Very useful

1/28/2018 by ikcw

Use them for charge cords,for your iron, for small appliances.The uses are endless.


Better than a plastic tie

1/8/2018 by Marilyn

This works better than the plastic ties and electrical ties I have been using, because it this tie can be stretched to hold the bundled cord all along the bundle -- not just in one spot. This looks better, too. Will order more.


Great for those extra long chargers

1/8/2018 by Miriam

I like the extra long wires to charge but they were hanging all over the counters. This keeps them neat and I can have just the length I need at the moment.


order out of chaos

1/8/2018 by Miriam

I have many different chargers and I kept them in a box on my desk but they were always overflowing the area. Now they lie there neatly and chaos has changed to order.


Great Idea

12/29/2017 by Alva

Just what I wanted.


For a neat freak

12/28/2017 by Eleanor

These are great for easy wraps of iPhone, kindle cords that you use daily and want to be tidy.


Love these!

8/27/2017 by Katherine

I bought them for my niece....and then kept one for myself! If you are not a fan of disorganized charger cables I would highly recommend these little ties. Far superior to the broccoli rubber bands I had been using!



7/5/2020 by Noemi

Love how it keeps wire organized...


Very useful

11/1/2019 by Margaret

These are quite useful -- only problem is, I should have checked more carefully how short they are. If I had, I would have bought the longer ones. But I'll use them and maybe order some long ones later.

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The Unplugged Goods Story

Unplugged Goods - Whimsical Tech Accessories


Keep the cords in your life under control with these colorful, rubber, twistable ties. Strong and bendable, you can use and re-use them without needing to clip or fasten anything. The design even doubles as a device stand.

Long-time friends Cindy Glass and Dante Pauwels are the brains behind Unplugged Goods. Their very first idea came from a napkin sketch while the two were out to dinner. Since that initial paper drawing board, they’ve helped hundreds of earbuds, charging cords, and plugs stay neat and tidy.