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Does the job

12/9/2017 by Jerry

Other products I have tried have not been this easy to use.


Cool and easy!

11/18/2017 by Ellen

This particular order is a gift, however, I have purchased the same item for myself, in the past, and I am very happy with it.
Not only is it a neat and tidy way to store your cords both at home and when traveling, but I also use the different colours to make sure I grab the right cord at a particular time!!


Great versatility

11/3/2017 by KC

I thought these were a great idea IF they were strong enough to hold up and they were. I’ve used them for my 25ft tubing on my oxygen generator, on my outdoor decorations cords, and to corral my office cords-they are outstanding in all those uses. I’ve also used several for hanging garlands and flower sprays over my curtain rods without interfering with my curtain valances. Highly recommend


Love them!!

10/30/2017 by Sherri

Bought both sizes and wish they also made longer ones. Use them on curling iron cords to keep them from twisting and magnifying mirrors, and many things.



9/20/2017 by KLFoster

I wish I would have gotten the longer laces, but they work very well. It has made my gadget drawer very organized. I also like the bright colors, easier to see in the drawer.
I always get asked where I get all the neat thing I get at Grommet. Didn't want to tell at first but then realized that wasn't fair to Grommet. Thank you for all the great things you bring to us.


Perfect solution

9/5/2017 by Angela

When I travel my phone and iPad cords are a problem. This was a quick and easy way to contain them without frustration. Great idea!


These are the best!!

8/29/2017 by Fischer

I ordered both the short and long version and not only use these for my cords but I have found many, many other uses!

I have a fender on my bike that I travel with all the time and last year the fender broke off from the wind. This year I took two of the longer silicone laces...twisted them together and then wrap around my bike tire and fender and twist tight--easy on, easy off...and works like a charm!!

They are great for appliance cords too...now I don't have cords hanging all over for those kitchen appliances that don't stay plugged in.

I absolutely love these!!!


So Easy to Use!

8/27/2017 by Susan

I don't know how I managed without these ties. Just a few turns and my cords are secured and unsecured in jig time. I've bought both sizes twice for a total of six sets, but I'm sure I'll e ordering more.


I love them

8/19/2017 by Donette

I love them but wish they had been a little bit longer.



8/11/2017 by Alan

Suits my needs very nicely.

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The Unplugged Goods Story

Unplugged Goods - Whimsical Tech Accessories


Keep the cords in your life under control with these colorful, rubber, twistable ties. Strong and bendable, you can use and re-use them without needing to clip or fasten anything. The design even doubles as a device stand.

Long-time friends Cindy Glass and Dante Pauwels are the brains behind Unplugged Goods. Their very first idea came from a napkin sketch while the two were out to dinner. Since that initial paper drawing board, they’ve helped hundreds of earbuds, charging cords, and plugs stay neat and tidy.