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Unplugged Goods

Unlace Case of 10

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Reviews (4.7 out of 5 Grommets)

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great lace!

1/15/2017 by Scotty

I am regaining my life after a stroke. With an unresponsive left hand/arm, Unlace is ideal for me to bundle and tie things that usually require one-handed spooling, twist-ties, or clasps that only clasp after the bundle has come undone.
Unlace is a quick and easy solution- one that spares me frustrating attempts to organize my things. Thank you for a simple, indispensable Grommet...


Useful and attractive

1/13/2017 by Carolyn

I like my laces, but I think I'd like the larger size even more!


very handy, but expensive

11/22/2016 by TBM3

Great product. I'm giving several packages as Christmas gifts. Would have given five stars, but docked them one because of price. $7.95 for a 4-lace packet of 5". Think they're going to have to lower the price point significantly to achieve serious sales volume.


not bad

9/27/2015 by JT

Order the long ones.


Effective, easy to use

8/14/2015 by Cristin

Great option for keeping cords under control and cleaning up the "electronics spaghetti mess". I would love to get a batch in more neutral tones.


Great product could use more color varieties

11/14/2014 by Laura

I purchased the short and the long set. The short set is great for our phone and tablet device cords. I use the long set more for my laptop cords. My only suggestion is to have a few more color combos.


versatile, whimsical

8/21/2014 by philodygmn

Kinda frivolous, but nifty anyway. Because it's a single wire in the center, torquing the silicone for stability as an iPod stand as shown on their brochure is virtually impossible, and can't be done without corners sharp enough to almost tear the silicone at its edges, but they're still fun and much more interesting than twisty-ties, and a little less fussy than rubber-bands.


Worth the money

5/10/2014 by Wayne

Good for keeping cords rapped for smartphone, tablets etc.


Like it

5/9/2014 by michael

could be longer to accommodate other cords/batteries etc...but overall great product.


Very handy little gadgets!

1/6/2014 by CJ in FL

These work like silicone-covered wires, which means they're great for wrapping cables and wires you don't use very often or wrapping the "middle part" of a cable to shorten it so you can continue to use the ends. They don't add much bulk to your cables and wires, which is a real plus. And they're cute! But if you want to wrap and unwrap a cable frequently, a rubber band is still your best bet--it's faster.

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The Unplugged Goods Story

Unplugged Goods - Whimsical Tech Accessories


Keep the cords in your life under control with these colorful, rubber, twistable ties. Strong and bendable, you can use and re-use them without needing to clip or fasten anything. The design even doubles as a device stand.

Long-time friends Cindy Glass and Dante Pauwels are the brains behind Unplugged Goods. Their very first idea came from a napkin sketch while the two were out to dinner. Since that initial paper drawing board, they’ve helped hundreds of earbuds, charging cords, and plugs stay neat and tidy.