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All good

8/18/2019 by Christine

Not much to say but it works well.



8/13/2019 by Susan

I can't say enough about these AMAZING laces. I was so impressed with them I ordered more in both sizes. They are easy to use, reuse and reuse.....Highly recommend these!



8/10/2019 by Nancy

These I will always keep on hand. They truly keep cords "together!"


Laces for every occasion

7/26/2019 by Connie

I ordered both sizes and colors for my Florida home and use them every day. Upon returning to my Michigan home, I realized I needed them here also.


Tie it Up

7/7/2019 by Karen

I love these silicon laces. They bright and sturdy. So easy the wrap around phone cords and unwraps easily, too. I am very satisfied that I purchased these ties.


Works great!

7/5/2019 by Donna L

Excellent product. I have reordered once, and will probably do so again.


A Great Product

6/28/2019 by Mical

These laces have limitless uses—I can manage the dozens of laptop and other device wires—making life significantly easier.


Cats claimed 'em, ordering more now!

6/28/2019 by Dee

Well, this is odd, but my 8 cats are so enamored with these as toys, I have to order this second set for ME!
The good news, they haven't been able to chew off any bits, so I'm not worried about that. They just dearly love throwing and batting them around - you'd think they were catnip! The ties are substantial and very flexible, and they seem to stay tied, so they look good for human use, too!


Cable Able

6/27/2019 by Catherine

Folks enjoy the color and flexibility of using this to try to corral pesky cords.


These work great

6/27/2019 by Sheila

I bought these to straighten up the numerous wires under my desk in my office. Much better now.

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The Unplugged Goods Story

Unplugged Goods - Whimsical Tech Accessories


Keep the cords in your life under control with these colorful, rubber, twistable ties. Strong and bendable, you can use and re-use them without needing to clip or fasten anything. The design even doubles as a device stand.

Long-time friends Cindy Glass and Dante Pauwels are the brains behind Unplugged Goods. Their very first idea came from a napkin sketch while the two were out to dinner. Since that initial paper drawing board, they’ve helped hundreds of earbuds, charging cords, and plugs stay neat and tidy.