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Pretty cool!

7/30/2020 by Matthew

Pretty cool!


great, with small caveats

5/25/2020 by Kay

This is a health godsend during social isolation, folks. If you can buy fresh, organic potted herbs when you're out shopping for necessities, you are golden if you have a window with some sun. I've bought six of these guys over time, and I'm so grateful for the lettuce, spring onions, and herbs that I've enjoyed with these planters. Two things you should know, though: first is that your plants won't look quite as full or pretty as this pictured basil, b/c the leaves will all face the other way (where the light is). Not a biggie; still pretty. Second, despite meticulous cleaning of the glass, I had two (empty at the time, thank goodness; I recommend you mount them and then leave 'em empty for a day or two before planting anything) fall off the window ― and once the little mounting disc gets dirty, you'll play hell getting it super-clean so you can try again. But worth all the hassle in the end! Enjoy!


Perfect gift.....keeps on giving

12/9/2019 by Paula

It is easy to take care of, water and snip as needed. Insects can't get to it. The cold can't hurt the plant.


Super Cool

9/30/2019 by jean

I live with cats who dig and destroy any potted plant I try to cultivate. This was a super cool idea. It gives me plants above cat level. It literally sticks to the glass window and can be moved well above cat reach. I plan to buy 4 more to give as christmas gifts.


Love it

9/11/2019 by Joan

I purchased two and affixed them to kitchen sliding door.
They have stayed firmly attached to the door. I planted basil and oregano and they are both doing well. I love having fresh herbs that are not a lot of work.
Thank you!


Not what I hoped for

6/9/2020 by Kathleen

I was going to use four of these for an indoor herb garden. Don’t believe the picture; it holds so little, both in the growing space and the drainage tray, that herbs proved entirely impossible. I now have a four-piece mini cactus display, so all was not completely lost, I guess ... but no herbs for my kitchen. Bummer.
Great idea, but needs to be bigger to be of practical use.


Looks pretty but has flaws

3/11/2020 by SVETLANA

Beautiful idea, easy to set up.The only problem is that you have to water it everyday, little by little, because you can only put very little water, otherwise, it spills out and drips..Very annoying..Thought to buy more, but not now.Gotta put some hanging cacti, I guess..



9/22/2019 by MUHAMMAD

It is a good idea but it poses limitation of usage. You need to find some plants which tolerate strong sunshine and a window which still could be opened. Anyhow , my mint plant is finally showing the signs of life.


Too small!!

7/20/2020 by Bebe

I was going to put my basil in one, but it really is only half a planter and my plant would not fit in it.


Didn't work

6/1/2020 by Rebecca

Didn't work for me, I clean my windows and prepared with soil but it just wouldn't stay on the window kept falling off. I already had thrown boxes away so I can't return them either. Waste of money!! This is a great idea wish it would have worked.

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The Urbz Story

Urbz | Window Herb Planter

Up You Grow

Urbz grew from the minds of Andy Bass and his wife, Maryann. Limited counter space in their tiny apartment meant they couldn’t find a spot for an herb garden, which they wanted to use as a fresh way to spice up their cooking. They looked to the window and decided to make use of that vertical space instead. When they couldn’t find a solution that was leak-proof and stayed put, they doubled down on fashioning one themselves.

Andy and Maryann brainstormed an adhesive for their dream planter that mimicks a gecko’s sticky feet. That’s why Urbz adheres strongly and can be easily removed and
repositioned without leaving residue. The clear planter can thrive on windows (without the need for windowsills or hanging boxes), but it can also stick to a mirror, tile, or any other non-porous surface. Andy and Maryann’s lack of space results in high-flying herb gardens that can bloom in even the smallest of places. Read More Read Less