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Uuni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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12/29/2017 by Valerie

I gave this pizza oven as a Christmas gift to my husband. We used it that day and it turned out fabulous pizzas! A few tips for first time users:
- try and find pellets designed for cooking. You'll get a better taste
- Use corn meal to help the pizzas slide off the sheet into the oven better

Enjoy and we see many great pizza parties ahead!


Wonderful Addition...

12/28/2017 by Chris Terry

We decided to purchase this pizza oven, because it uses the same pellets as our Traeger BBQ/Smoker, which we absolutely love!
Well, it finally arrived and we were completely excited about trying it out, but we were also going to be realistic, that we had never used anything like this, so we weren't expecting perfect results on our first try.
I found a Neopalitan pizza dough recipe, and started to get everything ready...homemade sauce, cheese, Canadian bacon, onion, red pellets peppers and so on, we were ready to roll. Now mind you, we have made many a fresh pizza, on a stone, in the oven or in our Traeger, so we have an idea how to do it.
We fired up the Uuni, which is pretty simple. Got it heated up and slid the first pizza in...after 45 seconds, we turned the pizza, to cook the opposite side, another 45 seconds and we slid the pizza out. We were quite surprised...the pizza turned out pretty good. It wasn't perfect. But after our first time using this oven, we realized some of our can't layer the toppings on as thick as you would on a BBQ or oven pizza. This is a true Neopalitan style pizza oven and cooker. So on our second use, we adjusted and the pizzas were much better! I just need to tweak my dough recipe some more, to my
All in all, we love this new addition to our outdoor kitchen!


Can't wait to Use It

11/28/2017 by Louise

I was excited to see this portable pellet wood pizza oven. It took me awhile to put together, and now am watching youtube videos on how others are cooking with it.


Can you use coal?

11/22/2017 by Robert

One of the best pizzas I ever had was a coal fired pizza in New York. Can you use coal as fuel?


Pizza Magnifico!

10/10/2017 by Christa

Love my pizza oven! Easy to assemble, easy to use and makes the BEST Pizza. the recipe for the dough included is fantastic, crispy, light & airy and cooks in about 1 minute. Sorry Papa John's - never going back to regular pizza :)


Very pleased

10/9/2017 by Kevin

Love the Uuni 3. Easy to use, used it three times is a week: four small pizzas then six garlic naan then two larger pizzas. Works great!



10/7/2017 by William

I have not had this much fun in a long time. The Uuni Pizza Oven takes a little time to get the hand of. Part of the learning curve is not being able to wrap your mind around a fantastic pizza that cooks in 60 seconds? My first pizza was in for 80 seconds and it was slightly burned. Giving my pizzas a 1/3 true every 20 seconds produces a beautiful browned puffy pizza crust that will bring a tear to any home pizza maker.


great oven

8/29/2017 by Colleen

My off-grid, live-in-a-tent brother would propose and marry this oven if he could. Lightweight, easy to use. Getting the extra sizzle pan is worth it, though it'd be nice if they also made a larger version. (Or maybe you can use any cast-iron in it? Not sure)


Great little Pizza Oven

7/2/2017 by Joseph

So far so good used it twice . It seemed to perform as advertised and it came as advertised.
A small learning curve on basic time it takes to heat up and how to be prepped when ready to use.
All in all a good buy for the money.


Love our 3 Uuni Pizza Oven!

6/28/2017 by charles

We love our new Wood Fired Pizza Oven!!! It was so easy to put together and works just as advertised!! We made over 50 pizzas in the first 2 weeks we had it! We are so happy we found this reasonably priced, portable pizza maker on the Grommet! Thank You!!

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The Uuni Story

The hottest new place to cook is in your backyard.

Backyard Gourmet

Uuni Founder Kristian Tapaninaho first created smartly reinvented wood-fired pizza ovens back in 2011, when he wanted to take his made-at-home pizzas to the next (easier and tastier) level.

His latest oven, The Ooni Koda, is a portable iteration of that same sleek, super-fast design. This multi-fuel oven heats up to 932 degrees in 20 minutes and cooks a pizza in just one minute. (One minute to pizza time? Yes, please.)

The stainless steel ovens are sized to cook a variety of high temperature dishes, like casseroles, meats, roast veggies, and even loaves of bread. And they run on charcoal,
wood, or wood pellets.

We’ve been fans of Uuni’s deliciously fast pizzas from the get-go, and we think foodies, hosts, and even culinary beginners will appreciate how these updated ovens elevate even the simplest backyard meal.
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