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Uuni 3 Wood Fired Pizza Oven

Reviews (4.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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5/15/2018 by Gregory

Makes small get together's a blast. Food becomes a topic of conversation...and it's fun to share your pies!


Christmas gift

1/17/2018 by Cindy

My husband loved the Uuni Pizza Oven ... Turned winter on us so have only used it once. It worked well made three pizzas have to watch it but delicious. Only problem is the black smoke and the residual flavor on the pizza .


Overall very happy with the oven

8/22/2017 by ReBecca

Wish we knew you needed a small torch to light it ahead of time but other than that it was GREAT! It was everything they said it was. Heated super fast, food came out awesome. Instructions were certainly lacking and it took a little while to figure out you need to leave the smoke stack uncovered but then worked fantastic.


How many wood chips must a wood chip pizza oven chip if a pizza oven would take wood chips?

6/20/2017 by Bernice

Super oven - I bought it for my husband for his birthday. Happy birthday to him, it was relatively easy to put together (though I HATE instructions that are nothing but drawings). Still, I got through it relatively unscathed.
Then, the moment of truth - he wanted to make a steak. "Great," said I. "The Uuni can do that!"
"Terrific!" exclaimed he. Off to the kitchen he went, returning to his oven looking like a kid ready to play with his favorite Christmas toy.
"How many wood pellets?" asked he. A reasonable question.
<more crickets>
"Does it come with instructions on how to light the oven? How many wood pellets we should use? How do I know when it's ready to cook something?"
All excellent questions.
If you already know how to cook with wood pellets or have some other kind of wood pellet oven, these are not diffficult questions to answer. Even YouTube wasn't a lot of help.
We muddled through - it took about an hour to figure out something resembling cooking - but I think he used a lot more of the pellets than necessary, and it didn't cook as quickly as I would have thought. But perhaps the fire wasn't hot enough. We had no idea how to gauge that. And we're a couple of pretty smart cookies. Still, we had fire, this we had food.
Steak WAS yummy - smoky flavor and all!
The only thing that might have made this purchase perfection? A simple instruction manual. With words, not hieroglyphs.


Still figuring it out.

6/4/2018 by Claudia

POOR directions and lack of clear illustrations. This needs a cookbook to come with it. a video of putting it together and operational assistance would be nice.


Bought as a gift

6/9/2017 by Beverly

Bought as a gift - recipient loves it and uses it often.


Too difficult to use

5/16/2018 by Kimberly

The pellets do not drop well so you have to keep feeding it to keep temperature up; it's nearly impossible to get a pizza out and in w/o it sticking inside the oven; and we nearly had a fire when the pizza dough did stick inside and caught on fire inside the unit. IF you can get a pizza out in one piece, I would admit the pizza is cooked perfectly and tastes amazing!!


Consider this before buying!

7/6/2017 by Sheila

I thought this would be easier to use. I would say it is for barbeque grill enthusiasts and people who enjoy playing with fire. I cannot work it. And having to open it and turn the pizza while it is cooking is a real nuisance. But the real disappointment for me is that it does not give me the crisp and crunchy bottom crust I was hoping for. It scorches the outer crust, but does not crisp the bottom.

Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to try it out before the 60-day return window elapsed. I wish I had been able to try it sooner, when I still had time to return it.

I am sorry I couldn't give this a better review. It would probably work very well for different people and purposes. But I really wish I had not bought it.


Have yet to successfully cook a pizza.

2/13/2019 by Melissa

After many videos and tips we still pull half cooked pizzas out of the oven. Waste of money.

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The Uuni Story

The hottest new place to cook is in your backyard.

Backyard Gourmet

Uuni Founder Kristian Tapaninaho first created smartly reinvented wood-fired pizza ovens back in 2011, when he wanted to take his made-at-home pizzas to the next (easier and tastier) level.

His latest oven, The Ooni Koda, is a portable iteration of that same sleek, super-fast design. This multi-fuel oven heats up to 932 degrees in 20 minutes and cooks a pizza in just one minute. (One minute to pizza time? Yes, please.)

The stainless steel ovens are sized to cook a variety of high temperature dishes, like casseroles, meats, roast veggies, and even loaves of bread. And they run on charcoal,
wood, or wood pellets.

We’ve been fans of Uuni’s deliciously fast pizzas from the get-go, and we think foodies, hosts, and even culinary beginners will appreciate how these updated ovens elevate even the simplest backyard meal.
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