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Wunderwine Pourer

8/1/2020 by kevin

Do not tell your friends, because they will not believe you
Every glass white, red, rose tastes likes never before.
Intenser flavours, its like standing with one leg in the vinyard.


Gift to my daughter

11/22/2019 by Jimmy

My daughter drinks wine not me, she love her wine pour.

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The Vacu Vin Story

Vacu Vin | Slow Wine Pourer

Slow Pours

Vacu Vin has been working to save wines since 1986. An unfortunate sip of spoiled wine inspired its creation to better seal opened bottles.

The slow wine pourer is made for full-bodied wines that are delicate or more than five years old. These wines already have enough oxygen that has entered through the cork—any more could ruin their delicate flavor. This specialized spout pours wine slowly from the bottom of a wine bottle to the bottom of a glass with minimal air contact. It’s a smart tool to prevent spoiling a special bottle you’ve been saving for ages.