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Organic Produce Storage Bag Sample

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Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Long lasting produce

2/15/2020 by Joan

Love, love these bags. My romaine lettuce lasted a whole month!! Amazing. Only complaint is that they are a little expensive...or I would buy more. Maybe sell a set of 3 or 4 for a discounted price? Just a thought...


Really helpful

1/25/2020 by June

Grommet is always responsive with great products.


It Works!

12/30/2019 by Lorraine

Finally a produce saver that really works! Will be buying another.



7/28/2019 by Kay

These are wonderful



7/28/2019 by Kay

These are wonderful


Great Idea

7/12/2019 by Jeryl

I love these bags. Keeps the lettuce fresh and crisp - great item. Just bought 4 more for gifts.


Best purchase I have ever made!

6/26/2019 by Pam

This Vejibag will keep, even iceberg lettuce for 2 weeks. It is fresh and crisp this entire time. Just learn the amount of water you need for each of the different greens.


No more plastic storage bags.

6/26/2019 by Lisetta

These bags really work and definitely keep my produce fresher for longer. I don’t use the single use plastic bags provided in the grocery. I bring my produce home, give it a rinse and refrigerate in my Vegibags.


Happy with purchase

5/1/2019 by Adrienne

Great for preserving leafy greens - namely kale which I always forget to eat. Kept a cabbage alive for quite a while, too. I wash it in the washing machine when it gets icky. Bought one as a gift for my mom, too.


Good idea

2/15/2019 by Carol

but I am not organized enough to use it regularly.

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The Vejibag Story

Say goodbye to slimy produce.

Organic Crisper

Organic gardener Sally Erickson couldn’t bear the thought of selling her homegrown greens in plastic bags. She knew that fresh produce needs humidity, so Sally created the Vejibag. This ingenious vegetable bag keeps produce crisp and fresh longer.

The Vejibag is made of 100% organic American materials. The cotton is grown in the southern U.S. and sewn by hand in North Carolina. The resulting fabric is beautiful, breathable, and easy to clean. Add just a bit of moisture to the bag every few days and watch your veggies thrive.

Carrots stay crunchy, kale stays crisp, more plastic stays out of our
landfills, and more U.S. workers find pride in contributing to a healthier planet. There really is much more in this vegetable bag than just produce. Read More Read Less