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Awesome scrubber!

6/15/2020 by Carly

Let me start off by saying I love this product. I ordered the clinical (L4) and moderate (L3) as I have very dry skin. This product works exactly as advertised. It buffs away dry skin and leaves me feeling super soft and clean. Rinses easily (way easier than trying to get all the soap out of a puff). I have also bought one for my mom and daughter and they both rave about it also. Love that it is made in the USA by a family owned company. Will be buying many more in the future.


This is the best

5/18/2020 by MCook

This is the only shower "puff" I use and Iget the "Clinical". I rinse it thoroughly every day; toss it in the washer with my laundry once a week; replace it annually. Can't imagine a shower without it.



5/4/2020 by Julia

A surprising benefit is that I can put soap only on the pink side and use the greenish blue side for rinsing off. Have one for home and one for travel.


Great experience!

2/10/2020 by Janet

I love showering with the body exfoliater.



1/28/2020 by Donna

These are the best bath sponges. I am on my second one and will never use anything else. I even have my granddaughter hooked on them.


Works great

1/4/2020 by Marianne

I bought this for my rough and bumpy skin. I use a few times a week and it has made a big difference in my skin. Definitely recommend.


Perfect for dry skin

11/1/2019 by Joyce

This works really well to keep my dry skin under control.



10/11/2019 by Sharon

This is a great item and holds up very well to daily use! Can’t go wrong with this!


Great Body Exfoliator

9/21/2019 by Rachelle

I really love this item! It's not too soft or too harsh. It's the perfect thing for me and my skin!!



8/11/2019 by Lisa

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this buff! You can choose your level of “buffing” and it is better than expected. It lathers wonderfully and my skin has never been softer. I love the idea that I can also throw this into the washer to wash away any “germs” as is always warned with the plastic buffs that are much cheaper. This buff lasts a long time and I would highly recommend buying a few to go along with different levels of buffing needed throughout the year.

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The ViaBuff Story

Custom skin buffs made just for you.

Exfoliation Buff

The exfoliation buffs from ViaBuff are redesigned upgrades of the typical shower staples. Unlike traditional bath sponges and loofahs, these buffs deliver the just-right degree of exfoliation.

The customizable body buffs are Made in the USA to suit your skin to the perfect combination of exfoliation levels. Along with the trio of facial buffs, they have a patented, petal-like design that provides more surface area to cleanse and soften skin better (and create more foam). They also dry quicker, which helps thwart bacteria growth. A buff lasts around three times longer than the usual grocery
store-variety, and you can even toss one in the washing machine.

ViaBuff co-founders Evan and Jamie Miller head up the family-run operation in Ohio, where the buffs are made one at a time to give you healthier, softer skin.
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