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10/20/2020 by Alice

These are amazing! I have a pair in the kitchen for when I use our ridiculously loud super-blender. Another pair rides in my purse for unexpected loud places, like movies or concerts. They have a dandy little carrying case and do the job. Totally worth it.


Powerful relief

10/19/2020 by Bobbie

The best thing I’ve ever bought,



2/23/2020 by Karen

I use them while target shooting. Muffles the sound, but can still have a conversation without having to scream. They are very comfortable to wear, stay put. I will recommend and have recommended



10/31/2019 by Janet

My daughter is very sensitive to loud noises (sometimes even just lots of people talking in a restaurant bothers her). I bought these for her and they help a lot- still allow her to hear most everything said at our table and block out most of the background noise.


Worked great

9/24/2019 by Becky

Got to use these at Bristol Rhythm and Roots where there were a lot of amplified excellent bands and limited room( I ended up in front of speakers). They were excellent!
I thought I had lost them as the case is so small but found them in bottom of backpack. I am ordering more for gifts for my fellow music goers! I could have used my giant pink foam plugs but these were invisible, and stayed in place. Only drawback was when I tried to talk to someone I couldn't tell how loud I was speaking..lesson? Shut up and listen to the tunes!


A little too pricey but impressive!

8/25/2019 by Carmen

Like everyone else I needed to lower the sound around me but I needed to hear if someone called me or talk to me with loud noise in the background. These were great! I do think they are a little too pricey but my rating is based solely on the efficacy of the earplugs. I am happy with the product.


Feeling Good Vibes

6/20/2019 by Linda

I purchased these because my husband likes to play the TV and his music very loud. These work great for this because I am able to hear the music at a decent level and still hear whats going on in my house.

In addition I just used them on a flight and it was much more comfortable for my ears. Plane engines can be so loud.

I was very comfortable using these. I even forgot i had them in. They fit well and stay put. I highly recommend these!



4/19/2019 by Becky

My wife loves these earplugs. She has hypersensitive hearing and these allow her to enjoy noisy events. Best gift ever.


Worked as expected !

3/22/2019 by Julie

Happy with my purchase!!!


Great for dancing

3/13/2019 by Karen

I wore these earplugs to a "Groovement Meditation" session, with great dancing and LOUD music. The plugs helped tone down the volume just enough so I could clearly hear everything but not at earsplitting level. They stayed put through an hour of head shaking dancing and were comfortable. Highly recommended.

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The Vibes Story

Vibes | High Fidelity Earplugs

Safer Sound

Vibes founder Jack Mann created hi-fidelity earplugs to help protect the hearing of his fellow live music lovers. When he experienced a ruptured eardrum at a concert, he was surprised to learn that a typical concert is loud enough to cause hearing damage.

Vibes lower volume by about 22 decibels, putting sound levels into a safer listening range. Unlike typical earplugs, these don't block sound but filter it across all frequencies. This results in crystal clear sound quality that is softer and more comfortable. The earplugs are so discreet it’s easy to overlook them, and because you can carry
on a normal conversation with a pair in, Vibes can be useful in any loud setting.

After his injury, Jack developed a passion for hearing loss prevention. So Vibes partners with the non-profit Hear The World Foundation to help protect hearing around the world.
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