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Men's Cotton 15-20 mmHg Compression Socks

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Reviews (5 out of 5 Grommets)

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9/22/2019 by Ann

These compression socks are a quality product. The compression is perfect as they’re not too difficult to put on and feel great all day. The color is also perfect, even for dress wear. I recommend theses socks to anyone even if this is your first experience w/compression socks.


Comfortable socks

2/13/2019 by Ikcw

Good looking too. Great for long plane flights.


Stylish Compression Socks

10/18/2018 by Lonnie

Love these compression socks that don't look like compression socks so I feel stylish.


Excellent product

8/14/2018 by Barbara

I have two pairs and I use them any time I am going to be sitting for long periods of time- flight, driving trips. I am always in good shape when I arrive at my destination.

They fit well and feel great.

Thank you


Great Fit, quality product

5/21/2018 by greg

So glad that I can still get these socks. Got 3 pair some time ago, and realize now how much they helped me. Had to buy another pair.


Christmas Gift

12/28/2017 by Caryn L

My boyfriend travels a lot and his doctor had suggested he wear compression socks. He has a hard time finding dress compression socks he likes and he loves these! I only hope they make more options in colors for him to wear under his suits..


Fun and Functional

11/17/2017 by Nancy

I got 2 pair of men's compression socks for my husband who had some puffiness after a surgery. He loves them! The fit is excellent; they were relatively easy to pull on; and they have a fun look - nothing stodgy or stuffy. Great socks!


great socks

10/19/2017 by greg

ignore that these are compressions socks- they are just great socks! Well-made, fit nice, and look fantastic. And you also get the benefits of compression thrown into the mix. I love the way they go on, the way they look, and how much better my legs feel at the end of the day.


Great socks

8/10/2017 by Norine

My husband loves these socks. He would more variety so we are waiting to see if more come out. Many more4 selections for women.


great colors, and compression at its best

6/13/2017 by Vonna

I logged on to order 2 more pair of socks and this popped up. Guess that tells you how great these socks are! When compared to other compression socks theses rate high above any we've tried. The colors/patterns are great, but it's the compression factor which sold both me and my husband.

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The VIM & VIGR Story

VIM & VIGR | Compression Socks

Cute Compression

It might sound like an oxymoron, but cute compression socks do exist, thanks to VIM & VIGR.

The designs from VIM & VIGR are more than just good looking. Built into the sophisticated tights and classic socks is graduated compression. It begins at the ankle and eases up the calf, which can help increase circulation while keeping aches and fatigue at bay.

Founder Michelle Huie found herself needing the support and circulation-boosting benefits that compression socks are known for, but was turned off by the choices—or, really, the lack thereof. The typical athletic and medical looks inspired
Michelle to create styles that mimic traditional socks, with stealthy support built in.

Now legs can feel better and look good at the same time—which we think will put a skip in your step.
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