Multi-Surface Muscle Therapy Tool Sample

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If only they came in blue & pink!

6/5/2020 by Elaine

I bought 3: 1 for myself, and 1 for each of my son’s families. Perfect for those little muscle knots!


Got the knot out!

11/4/2019 by Tina

Worked like a charm on my shoulder knot.


So handy!!

6/26/2019 by Mary

I bought two of these- one for me and one for my brother- we both have chronic back issues, and this is much more handy than trying to use a tennis ball against a wall!



6/26/2019 by Debra

Sometimes a little tricky by yourself.



1/17/2019 by Christine

If you have knots in your back muscles this is a great tool to get and use. A tennis ball only works when you lay down and if you try to use while standing up it slips but this grips the wall and you can move and put pressure on the knot without the walball falling off or moving in a direction you don't need it too.


Feels great

1/10/2019 by Sally

Love this handy little tool. Helps keep the kinks out!


Was a big hit!

12/8/2018 by Suzanne

Bought this as a stocking stuffer for my brother and SIL. They both have messed up backs and necks and are always looking for relief. My SIL pulled it out, and immediately started using it on the floor, and then against the wall. She looked like a cat rubbing up against it working out the knots in her neck - hysterical and great product.


Put YOU in control

11/27/2018 by Diane

Lets YOU find just the correct spot and determine the pressure applied. I used it to find the area on my back that was causing some occasional pain when I lifted my one arm. It was frustration free, and could use it immediately to track down the cause and get it to "let go". Stays put so you can move as necessary. Mine won't stay attached for long, but it stays long enough. So far, it has been fabulous.


Hits the spot

11/27/2018 by Kim

I suffer from a recurring sore spot just below my shoulder blade caused by an old muscle injury. It is impossible to reach by hand but the wallball allows me to hit the exact spot. It hurts so good and in less than a minute releases the knot. Perfect for those hard to reach places.



10/3/2018 by Marcia

Small but effective

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Untangle that knot in your back or neck.

Massage Ball

This isn’t your traditional massage ball. It can be used on a wall or on the go, its conical shape is designed to target your trigger points, and the whole thing is Made in the USA.

Trigger points are the knots in tight areas within your muscles. They can end up causing pain in other parts of your body (e.g., a trigger point in your back might cause referral pain your neck). WALBALL helps tackle the trigger points.

Its suction cup technology attaches to virtually any surface (even a shower wall!) and stays put while you massage areas that have fatigue. WALBALL is especially good at getting
those you usually can’t reach on your own.

The super compact design also makes it super portable. Travel with it, keep it in a gym bag, stow it in your glove compartment, or keep it in the desk at work. WALBALL will take on any surface to help you target stubborn trigger points.
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