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6/26/2018 by Elise

Wonderful. Works great. Oh so helpful. Lovely when you don’t have someone around to give you a rub.


For me, a life changer

6/3/2018 by Nicole

I don’t know if it’s the way I carry myself, or all my stress goes there, but I have this stretch of muscle in my back that has been tight for years. I learned to live with it. When I saw this product I had hope. When it arrived I must have rubbed that muscle on it for an hour. Nothing ever hurt so good. That damn muscle let go of me! And after using it over the course of 4 days, I feel like a regular person again, not one living with a handicap. I now use it for maintenance, but for me, it’s been a life changer. Thank you!


Great tool

5/21/2018 by Andi

This seemingly silly little tool is so incredibly helpful especially between the shoulder blades! I love it!


It stays in place!

5/15/2018 by Peggy Sue

This exactly what I been looking for to carry with me to my away from home terminal. It doesn't move and it goes deep!



3/2/2018 by Andi

I'm a massage therapist and will be telling all my clients about this one. It's great for self-care, easy to use and effective. Great product!


Love it!

2/20/2018 by Andi

This is fantastic! Much better than using a tennis ball! Really great product. Im so very happy I got it. It's the only thing that really gets deep enough to break up the knots around my shoulder blades.


Love it!!

2/16/2018 by Paula

This is a winner. Like having a deep tissue massage. I bought multiples and gave them to family. Everyone loves it.


As easy as it looks!

2/14/2018 by Jam

I've been thrilled with my purchase of the Walball! It sticks to almost any wall or door and is rigid enough to get into the knots but not so hard that it's painful. A totally great invention!


I can have a foot massage when working on my computer.

2/9/2018 by Mary

This products really rocks for foot pain! I love it!! It sticks to the wall without any problem and does not leave any marks behind. I don't have to wait for someone to work the knots out of my shoulder anymore. GREAT PRODUCT!


I love it

2/9/2018 by Kathy

This is small but very mighty. I've had to use it 2 times on my back and it really helped get my back back inshape and feeling good again.

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Untangle that knot in your back or neck.

Massage Ball

This isn’t your traditional massage ball. It can be used on a wall or on the go, its conical shape is designed to target your trigger points, and the whole thing is Made in the USA.

Trigger points are the knots in tight areas within your muscles. They can end up causing pain in other parts of your body (e.g., a trigger point in your back might cause referral pain your neck). WALBALL helps tackle the trigger points.

Its suction cup technology attaches to virtually any surface (even a shower wall!) and stays put while you massage areas that have fatigue. WALBALL is especially good at getting
those you usually can’t reach on your own.

The super compact design also makes it super portable. Travel with it, keep it in a gym bag, stow it in your glove compartment, or keep it in the desk at work. WALBALL will take on any surface to help you target stubborn trigger points.
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