Walk Whiz

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The Walk Whiz Story

Walk Whiz | Tracking LED Retractable Dog Leash

Light The Way

The WalkWhiz™ LED dog leash grew from the friendship of two dog dads, Makers Nathan Chefetz and Cade Goldenberg, whose pups (Sonny the pug and Wyatt the King Shepherd) crossed paths during walks. Nathan and Cade swapped stories about dog care and dreamed up dog-inspired innovations together.

Their lightbulb moment lit up when the sun went down. Walking dogs at night can be precarious—visibility is a must, but with one hand carrying the leash and the other holding a flashlight or cellphone, dog walkers literally have their hands full. This two-in-one leash frees up hands by incorporating a
bright beam right into the handle. It illuminates a path up to 35 feet ahead, and swivels 360 degrees to light up every turn and meander your dog takes. Reflective tape adds to the overall increased safety package here and helps give walkers increased peace of mind. Read More Read Less