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5/16/2014 by Sherrie

I love my Toockies. This is my second order. I use them myself and love to give as gifts. I will be purchasing more soon also. Soft, very durable.



5/15/2014 by Andrea

These cloths are fabulous. I use them as dish cloths instead of as a wash cloth. I found them to be a little to thick for me to use as a wash cloth, but they are very durable and great to use to clean and wash dishes!


Love it!

5/12/2014 by Susan

Love this cloth! I have seen an amazing improvement in my skin. My skin is so much softer and smoother.


Very nice, indeed!

5/4/2014 by bflat

Very nice, no more dry, flaky skin, it does a very nice scrub. I would definitely recommend this product.


Love them!

5/4/2014 by Victoria

These are great. I've only used them as a dish cloth, but plan to try them in the shower. As a dish cloth, they are wonderful. You won't be sorry with this purchase!



4/20/2014 by Florence

These are just wonderful to use and they are pretty too!


love the toockies. I won't be using a washcloth again.

3/20/2014 by Carolyn

Love the Toclothes again.ockies. I won't be using hand clothes or wash


Love these

3/20/2014 by Terri

Love these


round wash clothes for women

3/11/2014 by constance

Great; got rid of flakely skin and itching do like the feel of material used


Great way to save on sponges

2/28/2014 by Shawn

Once I finished using one, then grabbed a second washcloth and really appreciated this product. I think the key is to let it dry out a bit between uses. It takes the soap better when it's not totally saturated. Anyway, no more throwing away sponges. I have large hands but it is a bit too large still. Just a hair smaller would be better but this is a small complaint. Great product!

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The Toockies Story

Toockies - Organic Cotton Scrub Cloths

Wonder Cloths

Most of us don’t give much thought to our washcloths and kitchen sponges, but Toockies are no ordinary scrub cloths. Conceived as an alternative to disposable towels and synthetic scrubbers, Toockies are made with 100% organic cotton. The densely knit ribbing is surprisingly great at picking up small crumbs when you’re wiping down the countertops and dislodging baked-on food when you’re scrubbing pots and pans. In the bathroom, used as a personal washcloth, Toockies really get your skin clean without leaving you feeling scrubbed raw.

The inspiration for Toockies spans generations and
continents. The design is based on vintage knitted dishcloths that traditionally were given as gifts to homemakers. Anna Marie Stauss knew them as Toockies, named for her mother-in-law’s cousin, and they were a staple in her home. Anna Marie wanted to spread the word about these hardworking kitchen cloths, and she also wanted to find a way to help women who desperately need a source of income. (Anna Marie grew up in a small fishing village in the Azores, where her mother did embroidery work to help support the family.) She joined forces with Jaya Basu, and together they connected with 270 women in Nababpur, India, who’ve been trained to knit the Toockies in fair-trade conditions, providing a critical source of income for their families.

Toockies work hard, last long, and empower women. Everything about these wonder cloths feels good to us.
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