Watch Ya' Mouth

Mouth Guard Party Game - Original Case of 12

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It's a hit!!

1/3/2020 by Debra

This was one of the best game gifts for Christmas. My grandson jumped up and down and said "I LOVE this game"



4/27/2019 by Renea

I bought this game for our work Christmas party. It was the most fun we had in years. We laughed until we cried. That's been three years ago and its still the talk. Hilarious game! Highly recommend.



2/14/2019 by Lina

We laughed and laughed!



2/13/2019 by Nancy



Hilarious, Silly Fun

1/10/2018 by Beth

We played this on New Year's Eve with a group of 12 adults, and it was hysterical. Laughed till we cried. Great icebreaker!


Fun Game

1/2/2018 by Cindy

There are 5 girls in the family this gift was given to and they will have a blast with this game.



12/29/2017 by Mary

This game is so much fun. We laughed until we cried. Now everyone I know wish they had gotten this for Christmas!


Big mistake.

5/17/2018 by Judith

Christmas gift, that didn’t deliver.
Parts didn’t fit some of our mouths, and it was very unstable, but more importantly, unsanitary!!!!!
Only gave it one star, because a rating was required.


Pass on this one

5/15/2018 by Barbara

The mouth pieces bite into your gums and it gets old really quickly. We played with family members between 14 and one wanted to finish the game.


Eh, whatever

12/30/2017 by Pam

I guess it was funny for the first five minutes but after that we were all a bit bored. The adult humor pack got thrown away. I doubt I'll put it in the game bag when we gather for game night again.

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The Watch Ya' Mouth Story

Saying words has never been this funny.

Say What?

This mouth guard game makes saying and guessing phrases hilarious.

Each high-energy round consists of two teams with at least two players each. Players take turns being “the reader” (i.e., wearing the mouth guard) and “interpreter” (i.e., understanding the reader’s gibberish). Both roles are equally hysterical. If you’re the one reading, you’ll try to say the phrase on your card with your mouth stretched, which makes it really tough for the interpreters to guess what you’re saying. The incorrect guesses make for some of the funniest moments.

Rally friends, family, neighbors . . . really
anyone. This ridiculous game amuses players and sideliners alike. Read More Read Less