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Compression Cat Box

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Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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A great squeeze!!

6/15/2017 by Kevin

Our 4 cats absolutely love this box !
We will be ordering a second box in the near future!
Highly recommend - it's extremely well made and will last forever.


Cat loves this!

6/9/2017 by Tessa

My 15 year-old cat has always loved boxes, but this one is perfect size and material for her. I love that is doesn't look like a cardboard box in the middle of our kitchen and it is also washable for the occasional accident. She sits in it for hours every day. I am very happy I got this for her!


My cat loves her box!

6/6/2017 by janice

I find my kitty in her new box several times a day. She's has given it her seal of approval.


Gotta love cats!

6/5/2017 by Donna

I received my two boxes a couple of weeks ago. I'm always looking for new ways to challenge and entertain my three cats, so these boxes seemed like a good effort. While I was snapping the second box together, the first had already been occupied! The second was occupied shortly thereafter. I did add a little catnip to make them more enticing, but the cats seem to like the boxes. They don't use them constantly, but I usually see at least one being used for a while every day. Since they sit on top of a wire dog crate, I suspect they make the cat(s) feel more superior than usual. Another very simple but effective idea. Next time there's a good sale, I will definitely buy several more for gifts.


Need to buy more!

6/4/2017 by Jenny

We have six cats, and the only problem I have with this box is that I only bought one - so far four of the six take turns hanging out in the box, and absolutely love it. The ones who use it the most are on the small side, so it is less of a compression factor and more of a curl-up box. Excellent idea, and I like the fact that disconnecting the snaps makes it really easy to clean and de-fur. I will definitely be buying more!


Whisker Box is a winner in multi cat house

5/26/2017 by Cat MomWendy

It took a bit for the cats to recognize this box was similar to the cardboard boxes they take up as beds but now that it has been discovered, we see several of them stuffing themselves into it. They seem to like the "hug" it provides. It is well made and sturdy and bulges in all the right areas to conform to the individual cat. And so far no one has made a mess in it but if they do, it will be easier to clean than a cardboard box which usually has to be thrown away.


Our kitty loves it!

5/17/2017 by April

It looks too small, but after a day or so to check it out, he started curling right up in it to sleep. Very pleased that he took to it so well!


Perrrfect for cat lovers~

5/15/2017 by Carolyn

I purchased this for a cat loving friend who thought it was a great way to get rid of the cardboard boxes!


She's been in this box for hours :)

5/5/2017 by Corrin

My cat loves this box! She'll cozy up in it for hours. She is 11 lbs and this box is a great size for her.


Kitty loves it!

5/3/2017 by Sara

My kitty was in this box just minutes after I snapped it together, she loves it. She's a smaller kitty, so doesn't totally fill it up, but she doesn't seem to mind!

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The Whisker+Box Story

Whisker + Box V3

Cozy Cat

If you've got a cat, you know they love snuggling up in small spaces.

This Made in the USA, collapsible cat bed is just the right size for your cat to get cozy—and it's much cuter and more functional than a cardboard box.

Maker and animal advocate Andrea Petrini’s thorough research and eye for design is evident in this seemingly simple contraption. She made sure the durable nylon canvas was easy to clean and incorporated the folding mechanism of a cardboard box into its collapsible design.

Whisker+Box was all the rage with cat parents at our office. It quickly became their kitties’ go-to sleep

You’ll love watching your kitty squeeze and bask in something attractive, sturdy, and American made.
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