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Compression Cat Box

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Reviews (4.4 out of 5 Grommets)

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Success to ho hum.

10/31/2019 by Carolyn

My two cats loved this initially and used it repeatedly. After a month or two it was a Ho Hum item.....but that is the nature of cats. I put it away for a few months and brought it out again recently as the weather gets colder and the days very short. We'll see what they think.


Great product but my cats just don’t get it!

11/7/2017 by Sue

Well made and sturdy and if my cats ever figured out it was for napping and curling up it would be awesome.


neat idea

6/7/2017 by Marni

I was very excited to receive, but neither of my cats will use it. It is a very well crafted item!! I am hoping that one day they will change their mind!


Basically, a great idea

5/15/2017 by Margaret

My 4 year old Tortoise Shell likes this, but isn't totally overjoyed by it. I've had cats for decades and I think it's a really good product for cats. My current one just doesn't spend nearly as much time in it as I had thought she would. She has a few other places that she prefers. I'm not sorry I purchased the Whisker Box though. Based on all of my years and years of experience with cats, I think it's worth purchasing. The product itself if great - the construction and material, etc.


Great quality, but undersized

5/14/2017 by Eldon

This is very well constructed using great material, but our 14 lb. cat can not fit in it. He regularly fits in spaces that appear too small, but there is absolutely no way he would ever fit. I would not hesitate for a moment in purchasing if the makers marketed one about 1.5 X this size.


my cat is not interested

10/13/2019 by Margaret S.

It's hard to know what will appeal to a cat, so I am not critical of this box. I just think it's important to know that it is not a guaranteed success. My cat ignores it in favor of a shelf!


My cats love the Whisker Box!

9/7/2018 by Melinda

I previously purchased a Whisker Box from somewhere else, and my two cats loved it so much that I thought I’d order a second one when I saw it come up on the Grommet. The one from the Grommet had a TERRIBLE smell to it, which still had not dissipated. The one I purchased elsewhere had NO smell. My cats still just use the one with no smell; I am disappointed


Need a larger version

8/16/2018 by Carolann

My cat went right to the box after I put it together. He tried to lay down in it but rolled out. He is too big. He weighs 14 1/2 pounds, but he has long legs and a long body.
I opened the end of the Whisker+Box and he lay in it with his front legs and shoulders hanging over the edge. He isn't getting the effect of the compression. We need a larger box. Or some suggestions????



7/25/2018 by Laura

My cats weren't really into this box. I still like it and love the idea. But, i make the best of it by storing their toys in it.



8/5/2017 by Adelaide

Well, my cats initially LOVED this thing. I was dubious about spending so much on it, but then I set it up and they couldn't get enough. Unfortunately, someone must have eventually gotten territorial and they hosed the darned thing. I tried to wipe it down, but it still smelled like urine. I had no choice but to give it a full wash with Nature's Miracle. Unfortunately, as warned, this killed the inner walls (which I assume are cardboard) and it no longer holds shape. This could be fixed SO easily by using a thin plastic panels like you find in the bottoms of some foldable bags or boxes. I can only hope to get some cut to size in order to try and fix mine someday as my cats miss it horribly.

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The Whisker+Box Story

Whisker + Box V3

Cozy Cat

If you've got a cat, you know they love snuggling up in small spaces.

This Made in the USA, collapsible cat bed is just the right size for your cat to get cozy—and it's much cuter and more functional than a cardboard box.

Maker and animal advocate Andrea Petrini’s thorough research and eye for design is evident in this seemingly simple contraption. She made sure the durable nylon canvas was easy to clean and incorporated the folding mechanism of a cardboard box into its collapsible design.

Whisker+Box was all the rage with cat parents at our office. It quickly became their kitties’ go-to sleep

You’ll love watching your kitty squeeze and bask in something attractive, sturdy, and American made.
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