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Solitary Bee Hive Case of 6

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Well Built

8/6/2018 by Vicki

Received on time and not only well built it's 'cute' - this is exactly what I have been looking for - for my garden. We are getting more and more different Bees and I already have a Mason Bee home. I wish we could have a Bee hive for all the honey Bees I see in our yard - there is already a hive in our area. This is for the Single Bees.


Cute and well made

6/26/2018 by Gail

My grandson was very excited to receive this bee hive. It is sturdy and attractive and comes with clear instructions. He's looking forward to some bee visitors.


A wonderful gift

1/6/2018 by Anne

I gave this to an entomologist friend who can’t stop raving about it, but one doesn’t need any special training to enjoy it, just a love of nature. On the technical side, though, my friend tells me that the bees actually, and quite naturally, use it! He’s had hours of watching their comings and goings.


Cool Bee Hive

6/18/2017 by Ron

Bees love it, so do I, Going to have to order more !! very well made !!



5/29/2017 by Stacey

I'm loving this! It's smaller than it appears in the pictures, but the bees will love it, I'm sure! It's nestled in amongst my hummingbird garden, and I have a bee water dish there, too - a pie plate with rocks in it and the water only up to the top of the rocks. Bees can drink and won't drown!



5/3/2017 by Mary

I live on the southern East coast. Hung my hive as soon as it arrived. Within two weeks there was a cell filled and "mudded over"
That didn't take long! this is going to be a popular addition to my back yard!


Beautiful and well made

5/3/2017 by Quenby

I got this as a treat for myself. It is beautiful and well made. It sits at the bottom of the garden where I hope it will be home to many happy bees.


Pretty but no bees yet

6/29/2020 by Mark

We enjoy the bee hive in our back yard nestled amidst the flowers. While pretty, we have not had any bees take up residence though we just planted pollinating flowers and made other additions to make it attractive so it may take a while. Unless there is something we were supposed to do to the bee hive in which case we are unaware and there were no instructions. I think it will take some time to attract bees to consider taking up residence. Meanwhile, we will enjoy the nice addition to our landscape in the back yard. I would recommend it to others.


Made nicely!

12/26/2019 by Pamela

Smaller then I thought but very nice!



12/24/2018 by Michelle

This was s gift for my boss so you can imagine the disappointment when she opened it & one of the “feet” was broken off. It looked as if one of the screws didn’t go into the bottom of the hive & the other was stripped so did not hold.

The rest of the construction seemed sturdy and overall looked like a good product. Recommend better inspection of final product, & better packaging.

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