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Pink All Natural Eyelash Formula - Set of Two

Reviews (3.5 out of 5 Grommets)

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Seems to work-mildly irritating

11/3/2015 by Deb

Since using for two weeks I do see some new lash and eyebrow growth. Product really irritates should you allow it to get into your eyes, but is comfortable on the lids themselves.


Would purchase again

9/22/2015 by Vivian

After 2 weeks using Wink, I do see my eyelashes looking longer and also more growth around the eyebrows. The eyebrows I had almost given up on since they were over plucked and too thin. Good job!


Love it.

9/10/2015 by Marianne

It took a few weeks, but works beautifully. I will buy again.


Love the results!

9/3/2015 by Vanessa

Pros: I have a bald spot in one of my eyebrows that has gotten more noticeable over the years. Within 2 weeks of using Wink this spot began growing hair and the "hole" is no longer noticeable!

Cons: I have sensitive skin and have been unable to use this product on my eyelashes so that has been very disappointing to me. Even when I apply it directly to my eyelashes and wipe off all excess product, the skin around my eyes burns for hours. I also agree with another reviewer that the tube does not evenly dispense the product. It seems the brush either has no product or too much.


dont know yet

5/22/2015 by sana

i personally dislike the dispenser, i wish it were less complicated, it takes a few pumps to actually come out and sometimes its too much and drips along the bottom of the bristles. i cant tell a difference in my lashes yet but still hoping, i love the concept of it being all natural. i have been applying and massaging in.
still have high hopes for this hope to come back and give a 5 and buy some more
thank you for the product


Nice product

4/4/2015 by Jamie

I bought this because I wanted fuller eyebrows and it seems to be working after several weeks of use. There isn't a major improvement, but my brows don't seem as thin and sparse as they were. My only complaint is that it's hard to tell if enough product is coming out of the tube or if the tube is nearly empty.


Forget Rapidlash!

3/15/2015 by Liz

Overall I am in love! I have used a full tube of this now and I have fantastic longer and fuller lashes. I honestly didn't think it would work because I haven't had luck with any of these kind of products; I decided to try Wink instead of rapidlash because 1. The other reviews; 2. The natural products; 3. The video put out by the maker and 4. (THE BIGGEST REASON) at the time I bought this the company was giving a tube to a cancer survivor with every purchase! There is one downfall but one that wouldn't keep me from buying it again- if it gets too close to your eye it burns like you've been sitting in front of a computer all day. Not a big deal to me since I only used it right before bed. Great product otherwise!


No more dust in my eyes!

2/8/2015 by Patricia

I was very excited to see my eye lashes growing back in, after so many years of watching them fall out due to aging & my hormones changing. I used to wear eye makeup but stopped about 5 years ago since I'd loose 1-2 lashes each time I was removing the mascara. (I wanted to hold on to the few lashes I had left to do their real job: keeping dust out of my eyes!) As an older customer I am thrilled to have my lashes back almost 100% because of using Wink. Wink even filled in a spot that has been bare for 10+ years!! I try to use it at least once a day and hopefully twice. It took about 4-6 weeks but they did grow back and as others mentioned, longer too! Thank you for this wonderful product. I will certainly buy more when I run out. BTW-Would you ever consider formulating a product for the scalp??


Okay ...

1/5/2015 by Virginia

Works well on brows however, does not work well on eyelashes as it is very oily.



12/10/2014 by Ella

over all I like this product. Time will tell if it lives up to it's promise.

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The Wink Story

Wink - All Natural Eyelash Formula

Natural Extension

While mascara and eyelash extensions can give you the illusion of lush lashes, Wink goes to the root of the problem to actually promote hair growth. And the best part is, Wink delivers thicker, fuller eyelashes and eyebrows—naturally. The formula contains no parabens, sulfates, pthalates, hormones, prostaglandins, or artificial dyes.

Wink is the brainchild of Megan Cox, a self-professed "cosmetic-crazed science geek from MIT" whose quest for beautiful lashes led her to create an all-natural, hypoallergenic solution that stimulates the hair follicle to leave the "resting" phase and enter the
"active" phase. In addition to encouraging natural eyelash and eyebrow growth, Wink also acts as a conditioner to help strengthen and prevent further breakage. Specifically formulated to be gentle on the skin, Wink appeals to people of all ages and all stages of life; it has even been used by those recovering from the effects of chemotherapy.

One bottle goes a long way, containing a two-month supply for both lashes and brows. Apply daily for visible results in as little as 2 weeks and full results in 8 to 12 weeks. Unlike other cosmetics, Wink doesn’t just mask the problem—it helps solve it.
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