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Wipebook Pro

Reusable Whiteboard Notebook Case of 12

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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Love It!

3/26/2018 by Virgil

Helps me keep my notes in order. Once done with the note I take a picture and save it if needed otherwise just wipe clean and start over.



3/25/2018 by Alexandria

Very handy (useful), saves trees,diminishes landfill,and, in the long run saves money!


Easy to use. And economical to use

3/24/2018 by Audrey

This is great. I use it to scribble notes or make notations that I will tansfer somewhere else when I get an address that I want to put online. What is great is that I can erase it and reuse the notepad instead of throwing it away.


So far so good.

3/24/2018 by Susan

Only had about a week but so far working great and as statedbest think: my daughter wants one.


I love it !

3/24/2018 by Linda

I don't use my phone for every little thing so I love this reuseable notebook. Fits easily in my purse. Great for making my lists, goals and reminders. Cleans up easily as directed.


Love it!

3/23/2018 by Suzanne

What a great way to save on paper. It is perfect for grocery lists, things to remember to tell my husband and children, things to get done at work. When tasks are complete, just wipe them off the list!


I love this notebook!

3/23/2018 by Isabel

I work in retail (grocery stocker) and during a typical day have a LOT of temporary notes about product that needs to go out, shelf/product moves, etc. With this notebook I can simply erase a product/task after I'm done so no messing around with crossouts, notes over notes, etc.


Perfect for our needs.

2/21/2018 by Nancy

My daughter has night nursing and it’s difficult for the nurses to communicate with each other since they only work nights. This is exactly what we needed to allow them to converse with each other while still providing some privacy (meaning messages aren’t left on a big white board on the wall). It works great for non-medical information. Thank you grommet!


Extremely Helpful to me

2/9/2018 by Edna

I permanently lost my voice box to cancer and was constantly flipping through tons of spiral notebooks to communicate with doctors and others. This book is exactly what I needed! I can even scan important notes into my iPad for future reference by photographing important pages. Perfect for speech disabled folks like me,,Thank you!


Love this tablet!

2/4/2018 by Maria

Bought for my grandson to help with school projects. He LOVES it. Will buy more as gifts.

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The Wipebook Story

Wipebook | Reusable Whiteboard Notebook Review

Infinite Pages

What happens when you cross a dry erase board with a notebook?

You get an endlessly reusable notebook—one you can fill over and over with sketches, diagrams, notes, lists, or your day’s to-do’s.

The forgiving, hypergloss film pages encourage unlimited drafts, but limit smudging. Each Wipebook comes with a smudge-proof pen so your thoughts and projects stay intact—until you decide to re-use a page.

The engineers behind this Grommet are Toby Maurice and Frank Bouchard—they wanted to jot down and showcase ideas without the waste. So they created something you can use over and over again.

really liked that, at first glance, Wipebook looks like your classic vegan leather bound journal, but inside it’s an innovative, environmentally friendly way to take notes, doodle and more. Read More Read Less