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Wipebook Pro

Reusable Whiteboard Notebook Case of 12

Reviews (4.1 out of 5 Grommets)

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I love it

12/22/2019 by Bruce

I was using note pads and dry erase boards and pens to keep track of everything (remolding checklist, grocery list, and daily to-do list) but they wipe clean so easily that I lost a lot of information just touching or brushing up against them. The notes just got lost on my desk.
This is the best solution I have found.
I plan to buy al the different sizes available.


Old School but BETTER!

12/19/2019 by Kathy Stanich

A great tool for making lists, writing some idea down before you forget it, writing down your plan for the day, a shopping list, etc.

The best part is it wipes completely clean and you are not wasting paper/wood. Great idea!



12/17/2019 by debra

This mini is not that small from the original its about the size of and Ipad. This will be a nice gift for my boss.



12/17/2019 by debra

These are really really nice for jotting notes, list, or whatever. I did buy them as gifts, but now I may want to keep it. Nice pen sharp point writes and erases well.
For those who say the pen dries out, dip the tip in a bit of water or run the entire pen under hot water to soften the ink.


Excellent product

12/2/2019 by Mary

I always wrote notes on paper and stuck them in my purse. Then I could never find the note I was looking for. This makes it so simple. I write everything in one place and as I finish the task or whatever, I just erase it and go on.


Res useable whiteboard notebook

11/16/2019 by sherry

This is the second one I have purchased, small one for handbag, larger for carrying with me for notes within my house. You will love them.


Handy & efficient!

11/1/2019 by Eva

This was a gift for my grandson who creates the menu & flavors for a high end ice cream & coffee shop. He loves this tablet to jot down ideas and create shopping lists. Very happy with it!


He likes this

11/1/2019 by Loretta

Was a gift to my grandson. He likes.



11/1/2019 by Jana

I love my Reusable Whiteboard Notebooks! I used to write notes on scraps of paper, envelopes, or whatever was handy. It was a mess! Now I am sooo organized! I bought one for work & one for personal. I bought the small ones & carry them in my purse. Just bought one for a friend, too.



10/31/2019 by Debbie

I have been trying to figure out a way to write notes to myself when I am in bed. I got tired of having all these paper notes all over my desk. I thought a whiteboard would be great - I bought a small one but it took up too much room. Then I found this!!! It is like heaven. I write my notes, they erase beautifully and I just use a clean cloth once a week to clean. One of my best buys ever!!!

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The Wipebook Story

Wipebook | Reusable Whiteboard Notebook Review

Infinite Pages

What happens when you cross a dry erase board with a notebook?

You get an endlessly reusable notebook—one you can fill over and over with sketches, diagrams, notes, lists, or your day’s to-do’s.

The forgiving, hypergloss film pages encourage unlimited drafts, but limit smudging. Each Wipebook comes with a smudge-proof pen so your thoughts and projects stay intact—until you decide to re-use a page.

The engineers behind this Grommet are Toby Maurice and Frank Bouchard—they wanted to jot down and showcase ideas without the waste. So they created something you can use over and over again.

really liked that, at first glance, Wipebook looks like your classic vegan leather bound journal, but inside it’s an innovative, environmentally friendly way to take notes, doodle and more. Read More Read Less